Our Conference: A Smashing Success

October 29th, 2009

In the wake of our first national conference in Washington, DC, it's clearer than ever to the national political establishment that broad political support exists in our community for active American leadership to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Watch a quick montage from the conference on your right.  If you couldn't make it to Washington, go here for archived video, pics, news, and more. We've posted lots of video, including President Obama's National Security Advisor General Jones' speech and Jordanian King Abdullah's video greeting. Read More...


J Street U Student Board Statement

October 28th, 2009

The national board of J Street U neither discussed nor voted on any action to remove the term "pro-Israel" from our platform, policy or the way we describe ourselves at J Street U's national conference. We are building this movement because we care about Israel, its future and the future of the entire Middle East. To us being pro-Israel is intertwined with being pro-Palestine, and recognizing this is a vital step in the pursuit of a lasting peace. Read More...


J Street U Affirms Commitment to Pro-Israel Platform

October 27th, 2009

J Street U director Tammy Shapiro affirms organization's commitment to pro-Israel platform. Read More...


Jeremy Ben-Ami's Speech Welcoming Conference Participants

October 26th, 2009

To kick off J Street’s first annual conference, Jeremy Ben-Ami delivered a rousing speech to the assembled 1000+ participants following an interactive discussion on why we care about Israel. Read More...


Kadima Leader Tzipi Livni Congratulates J Street on Conference

October 25th, 2009

Kadima Leader Tzipi Livni sent J Street a letter on the eve of our first national conference, congratulating us on the inaugural event and highlighting our shared commitment to “ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by realizing the vision of two nation states, living side by side in peace and security.”  MK Livni added that the “discussion within the pro-Israel community of what best advances Israel’s cause should be inclusive and broad enough to encompass a variety of views.” Click here to read the full letter. Read More...