Jim Gerstein's DNC Polling Presentation

September 6th, 2012

Check out the Powerpoint presentation that pollster Jim Gerstein delivered to a packed audience of Members of Congress, delegates, and participants of the 2012 Democratic National Convention during a panel on the Jewish vote hosted by J Street and Bend the Arc on September 4, 2012. Read More...

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J Street 2012 High Holiday Resources

September 5th, 2012

With the coming of the fall, the Jewish community turns with anticipation to the High Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. The Yamim Noraim -- Days of Awe -- compel many of us to reflect on the ideas of accountability and repentance. Read More...

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Day One in Charlotte

September 5th, 2012

The reception has been fantastic. Everyone I run into has seen our people and is impressed by the amazing growth in our visibility and activism in just four years since the last Presidential election. Read More...

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J Street Statement on the Evacuation of Migron

September 3rd, 2012

J Street welcomes the peaceful evacuation yesterday of the settlement outpost of Migron in compliance with the Israeli Supreme Court’s ruling that it was built illegally on private Palestinian land. Read More...

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Political Brinksmanship over Israel

August 31st, 2012

Last night, presidential nominee Mitt Romney took political brinksmanship over Israel to a new level when, from the podium of the convention hall, he accused President Obama of “throwing Israel under the bus.” Read More...

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J Street at the RNC in Tampa

August 30th, 2012

Being in Tampa this week at the Republican National Convention and heading to Charlotte next week for the Democratic National Convention, one can feel that America is now fully in 2012 election mode. Read More...

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The Greatest Threat Below The Fold

August 24th, 2012

But in the West Bank, the drums are beating for another threat - an existential threat - and many of Israel’s leaders and supporters seem to be in denial. It’s the same headline every day, buried below the fold: more news that Israeli settlements and Israeli control over the West Bank are expanding. Read More...

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J Street Statement on GOP Rejection of Effort to End Party’s Support for Two-State Resolution

August 21st, 2012

J Street welcomes the news that the Republican Party platform committee has rejected a series of amendments that would have struck support for a two-state resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the GOP platform. Read More...

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