“Account From the J Street Conference”

May 1st, 2009

J Street is an organization founded primarily by members of the Jewish community in order to fundamentally change the political dynamics around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and secure a two-state solution. J Street recognizes that legislators looks to the Jewish community for cues on Middle East policy as one of the most important and engaged constituencies. However, the message of J Street resonates beyond the American Jewish community.

The Bard group included two Muslim Students Organization (MSO) heads, one former and one current. According to senior Mujahid Sarsur, a former MSO head who attended the J Street conference for the third time after interning at the J Street office in New York City last Spring, “As a Palestinian who has been involved with J Street, a dominantly Jewish lobby for peace in the Middle East, I find that J Street is an organization that has the biggest influence, among hundreds of organizations, to affect peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians.”

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