Don't let Sarah Palin speak for you on Israel

November 23rd, 2009

Who will speak for American Jews and other friends of Israel in Washington in 2010 and beyond?

Will it be Sarah Palin, who recently said West Bank settlements "should be allowed to be expanded upon" because Jews would be "flocking to Israel" in the days to come? [1] Will it be prominent Jewish leader Abe Foxman, who called Palin's recent pro-settlement comments "clear and well-intentioned" and said it was the "height of chutzpah" to say Palin's positions endanger a Jewish, democratic Israel? [2] Or will it be us - JStreetPAC and the pro-Israel, pro-peace candidates we support?

JStreetPAC is answering this question right now with a statement of our movement's power -- before Foxman and Palin answer it for us.

We're raising money for JStreetPAC this week to help elect pro-Israel, pro-peace candidates in 2010. We'll distribute the money we raise to JStreetPAC endorsed candidates that really need our support. Please consider chipping in here.