J Street Daily News Roundup 10/10/13

October 10th, 2013

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J Street in the News

J Street is leading ‘great constituency for peace’, Jerusalem Post

Richard Goldwasser, a member of the J Street Board of Directors, wrote that last week’s J Street conference “was the clearest sign yet that [Secretary of State Kerry’s ‘great constituency for peace’] is taking shape.”

Jewish Student Union votes to deny membership to J Street U, Daily Californian

The University of California, Berkeley Jewish Student Union voted Wednesday to deny membership to the university’s J Street U. J Street U last applied to the Jewish Student Union in November 2011 but was rejected for inviting a co-founder of the Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity Movement  to campus in spring 2010, among other reasons. Members of J Street U said they believed their relationship with the Jewish Student Union had improved after working with the campus Jewish community against the ASUC Senate’s contentious divestment bill last spring.

Top News and Analysis

American rabbis fearful of expressing dovish views on Israel, study finds, Haaretz

A new study by the Jewish Council for Public Affairs found that Israel’s handling of the conflict with the Palestinians has increasingly become a problem for one of the groups most committed to the Jewish state: American Jewish rabbis. Younger, left-leaning rabbis are particularly fearful of speaking their minds. About one-third of rabbis, most of them Reform or Conservative, said they had repressed their true views about Israel. About 18 percent said they had more dovish views, while just over 12 percent "said that, in effect, they are 'closet hawks.'" Both sets of rabbis said they were more reluctant to speak out publicly for fear of clashing with leaders in their communities.

Israel hopes US aid cut to Egypt won’t harm peace, Associated Press

Israel hopes the US decision to cut aid to Egypt will not affect the two countries' historic peace deal, a Cabinet minister said Thursday, insisting that Israeli-Egyptian ties remain as close as ever. The minister spoke just hours after the United States announced it was cutting hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to Egypt in a response to the Egyptian military's ouster last summer of the nation's first freely elected president and a subsequent crackdown on protesters.


West Bank mosque defaced in second 'price tag' attack in 12 hours, Haaretz

Three vehicles were set on fire and a mosque was defaced in a West Bank village early Thursday, in a suspected "price tag" attack against Palestinians and their property. Thursday's attack comes a few hours after a school was attacked in the West Bank village of Jalud and olive groves were set on fire.

PLO official: Palestinians 'seriously considering' declaring failure of peace talks, Jerusalem Post

The Palestinians are seriously considering declaring the failure of the peace talks with Israel, a senior PLO official said Wednesday. Hanna Amireh, a member of the PLO Executive Committee, said that this was one of the scenarios that were discussed during the last meeting of the Palestinian leadership. Amireh accused Israel of seeking to “win time” and blame the Palestinians for the failure of the US-sponsored talks.

Elkin slams Lapid on Jewish State issue, Jerusalem Post

Deputy Foreign Minister Ze’ev Elkin criticized Finance Minister Yair Lapid on Wednesday for suggesting that Prime Minister Netanyahu was wrong to insist on the Palestinians recognizing Israel as a Jewish state.

Cutbacks in UN Food Assistance Set Off Outcry in Gaza, The New York Times

Hundreds of women and children protested cutbacks in a United Nations food-assistance program on Wednesday, the latest in a growing backlash by Palestinian refugees and their offspring in the Gaza Strip against the agency that for decades has provided them with nutrition, education and health services.

IDF strikes Syrian target in response to shelling, Times of Israel

The IDF fired a Tammuz missile Wednesday at a Syrian target across the northern border, in response to mortar shells from Syrian territory landing near an army position in the Golan Heights and injuring two soldiers.

Opinion and Analysis

They’ve come a long way, Jerusalem Post

“There is still much to be done to build a Palestinian state and to break free from Israeli control,” says Gershon Baskin. “The film Beit Lehem reminds us of how far they have come.

Build bridge by making progress on two-state solution, Boston Globe

Andrew Oram writes in a letter that “making progress toward a two-state solution would ease tensions on both security and political fronts.”

Imperative of two states, Washington Jewish Week

According to Ralph Shapiro, “a two-state solution is imperative for a democratic Jewish majority state of Israel to continue to exist.”