J Street Daily News Roundup 10/25/13

October 25th, 2013

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J Street in the News

Why Sheldon Adelson’s New 'Rethink Israel' Website Is Doomed to Fail, Open Zion

Criticizing Sheldon Adelson’s new website, “Rethink Israel,” J Street Vice President of Communications Alan Elsner stressed that “we will never get ‘beyond the conflict’ until we end it.”

The Cauldron that is Hebron Today – Israel Journal Part IV, Jewish Journal

J Street Rabbinic Cabinet Co-Chair Rabbi John Rosove discussed his recent visit to Hebron, adding, “I pray that there will be no loss of life on either side when a two-state agreement is reached, hopefully this year. However, the history of Hebron suggests that such prayers are pipe dreams.”

J Street, New Israel Fund pan ADL’s top 10 list, JTA

“J Street and the New Israel Fund have rebuked the Anti-Defamation over its recent list of ‘Top 10 Anti-Israel Groups in America in 2013.’... The two left-leaning Jewish groups warned in a statement  yesterday that the list ‘exacerbates, rather than quiets, unnecessary confrontation.’”

Top News and Analysis

Settlement construction push to follow next week's Palestinian prisoner release, Haaretz

The Housing Ministry is expected to publish tenders for the construction of hundreds of new homes in West Bank settlements and East Jerusalem next week to coincide with the release of about 25 Palestinian prisoners, the second of four such groups slated to be freed over the course of the current Israeli-Palestinian talks. During his meeting with Secretary of State Kerry in Rome on Wednesday, Prime Minister Netanyahu briefed him about the plan to publish the new tenders. The Palestinians have also apparently been apprised of the plan.

Netanyahu is hoping to use publication of the new tenders to blunt the expected right-wing protests against freeing the prisoners. On Sunday, a ministerial committee is expected to approve the names of those to be freed in the current group. The list will then be published, after which opponents will have 48 hours to petition the High Court of Justice against the release. Assuming that the court rejects these petitions swiftly, as it has in the past, the prisoners will be freed on Tuesday.

Bayit Yehudi MKs, Danon link terror attacks to prisoner release, Jerusalem Post

On Sunday, The Ministerial Committee for Legislation is scheduled to vote on a bill proposed by HaBayit HaYehudi and coalition chairman Yariv Levine prohibiting prisoner releases.


PA forces thwart Hamas attack drone plot in West Bank, Times of Israel

Palestinian security forces uncovered a terror cell in the West Bank plotting to launch unmanned aerial vehicles laden with explosives at Israel. Multiple suspects were arrested and the plot was foiled.

Palestinian water engineer: Regional cooperation on water possible on private-sector level, Jerusalem Post

For those Palestinians and Israelis working together on the ground in the water sector, cooperation has become a necessity – but on a business- to-business level rather than at governmental scale, said Khaled Shukri Haramy, who is involved in the ongoing overhaul of the Palestinian water sector in the West Bank.

Israel-EU ties to fray without compromise on settlements: Israeli official, Reuters

Israel and the European Union will drift apart if they cannot compromise on new EU guidelines covering Jewish settlement on occupied land that could damage research and trade ties, Deputy Foreign Minister Ze'ev Elkin said.

White House: No sanction easing at front end of Iran nuke talks, Reuters

The United States is not looking to ease sanctions on Iran "at the front end" of negotiations over the Iranian nuclear program, a senior White House official said on Thursday.