J Street Daily News Roundup 3/28/14

March 28th, 2014

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J Street in the News

Abbas and Netanyahu Should Keep Their Eyes on the Prize: A Two-State Solution, J Street

J Street called on Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Abbas to act constructively to get past the current crisis and keep their eye on the great prize--a two-state solution.

J Street’s hypocrisy must be exposed, Haaretz

Alan Dershowitz made the case that J Street doesn’t expose its members to Alan Dershowitz.

Top News and Analysis

Americans pushing hard to get Israel and Palestinians to extend talks, Haaretz

Senior American officials have been holding marathon meetings over the past 48 hours with Netanyahu and Abbas, in an attempt to resolve the crisis over the release of Palestinian prisoners and to formulate an agreement that will allow for the extension of negotiations between the two sides past April 29. The Palestinian ministry for prisoners sent the prisoners’ families messages Thursday saying that the release will not take place on Saturday night as originally scheduled, but that they will not agree to a lengthy delay and think the fourth stage will take place within two weeks.


Poll: Israelis think Netanyahu understands America better than Bennett, Lapid, Jerusalem Post

According to a new poll of Israelis, 52% said the views of American Jews on the peace process should be taken into account "to a great extent" or "to some extent,” while only 18% said "to no extent."

Outgoing security adviser: ‘Palestinians haven’t budged’, Times of Israel

Israel’s outgoing national security adviser, Yaakov Amidror, said the Palestinians “have not moved one inch” in their negotiating positions since 1994, while the Netanyahu government has made dramatic concessions unacknowledged by world opinion.

EU diplomats warn of regional conflagration over Temple Mount, Haaretz

European Union diplomats stationed in Jerusalem and Ramallah are warning of regional conflagration over the Temple Mount. A March 18 internal report to Brussels raises caution around the changing status quo at the holy site and the growing tension triggered by the demands of right-wing Jewish groups.

Likud delays Netanyahu-Danon showdown, Jerusalem Post

A Likud court decided Thursday to delay a convention that was expected to feature a battle for party control between Netanyahu and the head of the Likud central committee, Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon.The convention had been set for next Monday and Tuesday, but the court decided it could not take place until an investigation into who is legally permitted to vote takes place.

Despite strike, pope confirms Israel visit in May, AFP

Despite a strike by the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Pope Francis is expected to visit Jerusalem on May 25.

Opinion and Analysis

Kerry shouldn’t take the blame if peace talks fail, Al-Monitor

Alon Pinkas argues, “While both sides can, do and will blame [Secretary of State Kerry] for their inability, unwillingness and reluctance to make decisions, as they habitually did to his predecessors, they would be wise to consider the following: After Kerry's efforts, mediation and involvement, it is difficult, perhaps impossible, in the event that Kerry fails, to see a near-future secretary of state investing resources, time, reputation and American foreign policy capital.”

Israeli-Palestinian Intangibles, Huffington Post

John Marks says that US negotiators “would be wise to include ‘intangibles’ that can be just as important as the so-called hard issues of borders and security.”

Only Lieberman can rise to the occasion and bring peace, Haaretz

According to Eyal Megged, Foreign Minister “Lieberman has everything that was good about Ariel Sharon and none of his carelessness.”

Who’s in charge?, Economist

Correspondents in the Economist write, “Israel and its allies may come to worry that, by continuing to squeeze Hamas, they are throwing the strip into the clutches of Iran’s proxies, or worse still, that Gaza may find it has no government at all—and that a wave of mayhem may result.”

Two sentences, New York Jewish Week

In a letter, Gil Kulick suggests ways for Netanyahu and Abbas to build trust in negotiations.