J Street funders are pro-Israel

November 30th, -0001

J Street’s funding comes from Arab-Americans, Muslim-Americans, representatives-of/lobbyists-for the Saudi government and/or other Arabs who, by their past statements, are clearly identified as anti-Israel.

J Street has thousands of donors, large and small. We don’t know the religious or ethnic backgrounds of all of them, but we do know that they are primarily individual Jewish Americans. J Street accepts no funding from foreign governments or from foreign organizations.

Even the original Jerusalem Post article on J Street’s funding, from which so many of the smear emails have sprung, said: “The funds that come from these sources [Arab and Muslim Americans] indeed constitute a small fraction of the year-and-a-half-old organization’s political fundraising, which totaled around $844,000 in 2008 – a key election year – and $111,000 so far in 2009. They comprise several dozen of the PAC’s 4,000-5,000 donors.”

You don’t have to take our word for it. JStreetPAC, by law, reports all of its thousands of donors to the Federal Election Commission, and those reports can be publicly reviewed on the website of the Federal Election Commission.

J Street also listed the names of its major donors (members of its Finance Committee) in its annual reports. Many of its major donors are also members of its Advisory Council, which can be viewed on our website.

Again, a quick review will show that nearly all our top donors are leading American Jewish philanthropists and political activists.

Yes, a tiny portion of J Street’s support comes from non-Jewish Americans (including some Arab- and some Muslim-Americans, as well as some Americans of other backgrounds). J Street, in fact, welcomes support from all Americans who believe in assertive U.S. diplomacy to resolve the conflicts in the Middle East and the establishment of two states living side by side in peace and security.

As a primarily but not exclusively Jewish organization, J Street believes that support from non-Jews for our pro-Israel positions is actually extremely helpful to Israel – and helps ensure a long-term base of support for Israel’s security.