J Street has no relation to Fenton Communications

November 30th, -0001

J Street President and Founder Jeremy Ben-Ami is connected to work by his prior employer, Fenton Communications, for the Qatar Foundation and its “al-Fakhoora Project.”

As stated in his bio on our website, Jeremy Ben-Ami was a Senior Vice President at Fenton Communications from late 2004 until the end of 2007, at which time he resigned to launch J Street.

Ben-Ami retained no connection to Fenton after he left the firm, had no involvement in its management and operations, and has had no financial interest in and has received no compensation from the firm since that time. J Street does not retain Fenton Communications and has had no formal or informal relationship with the firm.

The contract between Fenton Communications and the Qatar Foundation was entered into in early 2009, over a year after Ben-Ami left the firm. Ben-Ami is unaware of any contact between the firm and the Foundation during his employment at Fenton. Any contact between Fenton Communications and the Foundation occurred after he left – and without his knowledge. Ben-Ami has personally never met with or spoken to the Foundation or its representatives, and Ben-Ami has no knowledge of the Foundation or its work.