J Street News Roundup 4/22/2014

April 22nd, 2014

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Top News and Analysis

Palestinians deny considering dismantling PA if talks fail, Times of Israel

As Israeli and Palestinian negotiators set to meet with US Envoy Martin Indyk in Jerusalem today, Palestinians officials played down reported threats to dismantle the Palestinian Authority if US-sponsored peace talks remain deadlocked. US State Department spokesperson Jennifer Psaki criticized the threat as “extreme” and warned that any such move would affect American aid to the Palestinians. Prime Minister Netanyahu accused the PA of endangering the peace process. “When they want peace they should let us know,” he said.

Iran admits nuclear agency reshuffle to pave way for 5+1 talks, Reuters

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani's government confirmed rumors on Monday it had reshuffled the leadership of Iran's atomic agency to sideline nuclear experts opposed to talks on its atomic program with the West.


Abbas expected to send message of condolence for Holocaust victims, Haaretz

President Abbas is expected to publish a special Holocaust Memorial Day message to the Jewish people next week. If the message is indeed published it will be the first of its kind ever issued by the Palestinian leadership.

PLO delegation heads to Gaza for reconciliation talks, Times of Israel

A delegation of PLO representatives was set to arrive in Gaza on Tuesday in order to engage in reconciliation talks with Hamas. Palestinian MP Mustafa Barghouti said that the sides would discuss the establishment of a unity government and holding future elections.

Jordan: Israel's actions on Temple Mount violate peace treaty, Haaretz

Israeli Ambassador to Jordan Daniel Nevo was summoned Monday by the Jordanian Foreign Ministry following violent clashes between Israeli police forces and Palestinian youths on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem on Sunday. The Jordanian ministry conveyed the Hashemite Kingdom's protest of Israel's so-called violations and break-ins against the Al-Aqsa Mosque complex, and told the ambassador that Israel's actions in the holy site pose a violation of the peace treaty between the countries, and "constitute and extreme insult to bilateral relations.”

Israel to US: We'll ease stance on Palestinian-Americans, if we join visa waiver program, Haaretz

A senior Israeli official said that Israel is willing to treat Palestinian-Americans entering the country as it treats other Americans if Israel joins the US visa waiver program.

Opinion and Analysis

Palestinian threat to dissolve PA could have serious repercussions, Ynet

Nahum Barnea warns of the extreme costs to Israel if the PA dissolves.

Dismantle the Palestinian Authority? Not likely, Times of Israel

According to Avi Issacharoff, “Abbas doesn’t wish to bring chaos to the territories, and it is clear to him that an act such as dismantling the PA would put Palestinian cities back a decade — something no one on the Palestinian side wants.”

In shadow of stalled peace talks, Hamas and Fatah nearing reconciliation, Haaretz

Zvi Bar’el reports on “real progress” in Palestinian reconciliation.

If Kerry fails, what then?, Le Monde Diplomatique

Sam Bahour and Tony Klug call on Israel to clear up ambiguities about its occupation of Palestinian territory.

Totally in-bounds, Jerusalem Post

In a letter, James Adler discussed double standards in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.