J Street News Roundup 4/8/2014

April 8th, 2014

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Top News and Analysis

Iran, powers seek to narrow gaps in new round of nuclear talks, Reuters

Iran and world powers began a new round of talks in Vienna aimed at settling the dispute over Tehran's nuclear program. Both sides say they want to start drafting a comprehensive agreement in May, some two months before a July 20 deadline for finalising the accord.

‘Gaps remain’ after latest Livni-Erekat meeting, Times of Israel

A meeting between Israeli and Palestinian negotiators on Monday night in Jerusalem reportedly ended with little progress in advancing stalled peace talks.

Obama and Kerry to confer as peace push stalls, AFP

President Obama is to meet Secretary of State Kerry today to evaluate the fate of Kerry’s peace initiative.


Fearing Israeli sanctions, Abbas to ask Arab League for economic aid, Haaretz

In Cairo for a meeting with Arab League foreign ministers, President Abbas is expected to provide an update on the latest developments with the peace talks and request an economic safety net of $100 million a month, to help in case Israel imposes sanctions following the breakdown of talks.

PA sources: No backtrack on joining international bodies, Times of Israel

Palestinians said discussions with Israel and the US over extending negotiations are serious and positive, even while vowing to hold fast to applications to 15 international treaty organizations.

Poll: 9 out of 10 Jewish Israelis say little chance of deal between Israel, Jerusalem Post

According to a new poll, two-thirds of Israelis still support peace negotiations with the Palestinians.

Prisoner in Israel Is Linked to Talks, The New York Times

Marwan Barghouti has reportedly been mentioned in every Palestinian communication with Washington since peace talks began, and is brought up in every diplomatic encounter Palestinians have with other countries.

Ya'alon: We will not tolerate violence against security forces, Ynet

Defense Minister Ya'alon warned that Israel would not "stand for" attacks on its security forces, after IDF reservists were targeted by rioting settlers incensed at the demolition of illegal structures at the Yitzhar settlement.

Israeli Analysts Describe ‘Reasonable’ Parameters For A Final Nuclear Deal With Iran, Think Progress

A group of Israeli experts last week laid out what they believe would be a “reasonable” final nuclear deal with Iran, namely allowing Iran some civilian enrichment capacity, widening the time it takes for Iran to build a nuclear weapons should it choose that path, and making sure the Iranians come clean about its past nuclear weapons work.

Opinion and Analysis

Palestinians Seen Easing Terms for Renewing Talks, Forward

JJ Goldberg reports on signs that the Palestinians are looking to continue talks with Israel.

Settler violence: No longer a few bad apples, Haaretz

Amos Harel writes, “Following clashes overnight between settlers and soldiers in Yitzhar, the settler leadership can no longer claim a few extremists are responsible.”

End the conflict - a Jewish imperative, Haaretz

Rabbi Daniel Landes explores the Jewish legal justification for withdrawal from Palestinian territory.

Israel Missed Opportunity for Peace This Time, Forward

According to Jay Michaelson, the current Israeli government supports two states in name only.

Livni manages political fallout of failed peace talks, Al-Monitor

“The left-center people who elected Livni did not send her into the negotiation rooms to cast the blame for the impasse on the Palestinians or on right-wing elements who are sabotaging the process,” says Mazal Mualem.

Effort to Exclude Us from 'Celebrate Israel' Parade, Partners for Progressive Israel

Bloggers at Partners for Progressive Israel discuss a new protest against the group.

J Street does not promote anti-Israel speakers, JWeekly

Michael Cooper notes in a letter that “at recent J Street town hall events across the country, two prominent Israelis were featured at multiple venues — Danny Yatom and Ami Ayalon — both avidly supporting John Kerry’s efforts to help forge peace based on a two-state solution, and both enthusiastically endorsing J Street’s support of that goal.”