J Street News Roundup 7/3/2014

July 3rd, 2014

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J Street in the News

J Street mourns the death of Mohammed Abu Khudair

J Street condemned the apparent revenge killing of the Palestinian teenager Tuesday and called for an end to incitement from both sides, including “intemperate” rhetoric from political leaders.   

Top News and Analysis

Palestinian Militants and Israel Trade Attacks, The New York Times

Palestinian militants in Gaza fired 14 rockets into southern Israel early Thursday, hitting two houses in the border town of Sderot, after Israel carried out 15 airstrikes overnight against Hamas-related targets in Gaza in response to earlier rocket fire.

Deadly Violence Escalates in Israel After Palestinian Youth, Israeli Teens Killed, Wall Street Journal

Unrest comes a day after funeral for slain Israeli teens, following the murder of a Palestinian teenager in East Jerusalem.

Israel’s Justice Minister Condemns ‘Incitement’ on Facebook, The New York Times

Israel’s justice minister denounced an Israeli Facebook campaign on Wednesday that called for soldiers to take “revenge” on the Palestinian community as tensions spiked in Jerusalem.

Berlin, 1933 and Jerusalem, 2014: When racist thugs are on the prowl, Haaretz

Chemi Shalev asserts that "the gangs of Jewish ruffians man-hunting for Arabs are a manifestation of the dangerous evil that will surely triumph if good men continue to do nothing."


170 Palestinians injured in East Jerusalem clashes, Ma’an

Over 170 Palestinians were injured in clashes with Israeli forces in occupied East Jerusalem on Wednesday.

Abbas blames Israel for teen’s murder, demands Netanyahu condemn it, Haaretz

President Mahmoud Abbas said Israel was responsible for the murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir, and called on Prime Minister Netanyahu to condemn the crime.

Family of murdered Palestinian teen criticize Israeli police, Ma’an

The family of murdered Palestinian teenager Muhammad Abu Khdeir on Wednesday criticized Israeli police for their inaction in finding the killers of their son.

U.S. attempting to prevent escalation of violence across West Bank, Haaretz

American officials say quick and strong condemnation of Palestinian teen's murder part of effort to quell rising tensions; John Kerry calls on Netanyahu to discuss escalation in Jerusalem.

1,000 rally against anti-Arab violence amid calls for revenge of Israeli teens' death, Haaretz

Jerusalem demonstration takes place at square where Jewish mob attacked Palestinian teens one day earlier.

Iran’s YouTube Message to Obama: Don’t Bully Us, Time

Iran’s foreign minister posted a defiant YouTube message as high-stakes talks over Iran’s nuclear program are resuming.

Opinion and Analysis

Alongside military threat, Israel must turn to diplomatic field, YNET

Major-General (res.) Israel Ziv argues Israel’s goal should be to disarm Hamas by gaining wide support from Western countries, Egypt, Jordan and PA.

Our problem with selective sympathy for young victims, +972

Amjad Iraqi argues that when our sympathy only reaches out to the children of one nation alone, we have condemned all of them to this atrocious cycle of violence.

It’s not always about them: It’s about who we want to be, Times of Israel

Benji Lovett pointedly argues that “It’s not always about moral equivalence. Sometimes it’s about taking responsibility for ourselves and not always pointing to what they’re doing.”

U.S. needs to help ease tensions between Israelis and Palestinians, Washington Post

The editorial board says its time for the US to re-engage in order to “to restrain Israeli and Palestinian leaders and to push the two sides toward steps to ease tensions.”

Israel's High Court of Justice is a collaborator of the occupation, Haaretz

Gideon Levy argues that with the ruling to resume house demolitions, Israel’s High Court of Justice has demonstrated that “in matters concerning the occupation, the court sees no need to provide either assistance or justice.”

Israel campaigned on false hope to rally Diaspora support, Haaretz

Daniella Peled questions whether the IDF and Israeli government cynically fueled the baseless narrative that the kidnapped boys were still alive to exploi the families and Diaspora solidarity?

“Enough of blood and tears. Enough!”, Rabbi John Rosove’s Blog

Rabbi John Rosove says “The only way Israelis and Palestinians will successfully transform their shared history of blood and tears is to recognize the humanity of and the pain of the “other.”


Why Israeli Thirst for Revenge Is Profoundly Un-Jewish, Forward

Hody Nemes argues that “The Torah sternly commands us to pursue justice (“Justice, justice, shall you pursue”) — but it leaves revenge to God.”

The Israeli-Palestinian show that always ends the same way, Haaretz

Shaul Arieli asks “Why should the directors change the script if we, the audience, keep coming time and time again, not demanding the slightest review?”