J Street News Roundup 8/22/2014

August 22nd, 2014

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J Street in the News

Suppressing Israeli leftists sends American Jews the wrong message, Haaretz

J Street National Student Board President Benjy Cannon stressed that “Jewish Americans should listen to Israeli peace activists when they tell us that silencing criticism undermines the future of the Jewish state, and incorporate this worldview in our own activism.”

Top News and Analysis

LIVE UPDATES: Israeli man wounded in heavy barrage on the south, Haaretz

A heavy barrage of rockets and mortars on Friday left one Israeli moderately wounded by shrapnel in Be'er Sheva. Palestinian officials said that twenty-nine people were killed by Israeli bombing in the Gaza Strip. On Thursday, Hamas reportedly executed 18 Palestinians accused of being “collaborators” with Israel. The executions followed the deaths in an Israeli air strike on Wednesday of three leading Hamas military commanders.

EU states and US pursue UN resolution to end Israel-Gaza fighting, Haaretz

The US has begun working with Germany, France and Britain on a UN Security Council resolution that would end the fighting in the Gaza Strip. The resolution would recommend returning Gaza to the Palestinian Authority’s control, reconstructing the Strip under international supervision to prevent Hamas from rearming, and restarting Israeli-Palestinian peace talks on the basis of the pre-1967 lines.

It's Time To Stop 'Managing' the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and Just End It, American Prospect

“Please ignore the experts who tell you to aim only for managing the conflict rather than resolving it,” implores Gershom Gorenberg. “The only way to manage this conflict is to lay down a framework for a two-state resolution and push toward achieving it. Either you move forward toward peace or you allow the next war. Nothing is static. The myth of a status quo died two months ago, or two aeons ago.”


Israel examining option of renewing Egypt-mediated truce talks, Haaretz

An Israeli official said that Israel is examining the option of renewing the Egypt-mediated truce talks in order to reach a long term deal with Hamas, even as the possibility of indirect talks with the Palestinians drew sharp criticism from several cabinet ministers.

Abbas castigated Mashaal in meeting, official says, Times of Israel

President Abbas reportedly took Qatar-based Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal to task during their meeting in Doha Thursday, over Hamas plans to launch attacks against the PA in the West Bank. Abbas is scheduled to travel to Cairo today.

Did phone call from Mashaal expose Deif to Israeli strike?, Times of Israel

Israeli intelligence may have been able to pinpoint the location of Hamas military leader Mohammed Deif earlier this week after Mashaal broke protocol and called Deif to discuss a ceasefire with Israel.

Hold up of US missile shipment to Israel reportedly resolved, Times of Israel

A hold up in the US supply of Hellfire missiles to Israel has been resolved and the incident “is behind us,” said a senior Israeli official, adding that Israel had been assured that the suspension of the sale “was just bureaucracy.”

The cost of Israel’s Gaza op: $60 million a day, Haaretz

The budget for Operation Protective Edge has surpassed $2.5 billion.

Poll: Israeli public opposes firing Lieberman, Bennett, Jerusalem Post

According to a new poll of Israelis, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s approval has dropped from 82% to 55% over the past month, and 56% said they agreed with the prime minister that it was wrong for security cabinet ministers to publicly criticize him while Israel was under fire.

Arab states, Israel set to clash at UN nuclear meeting, Reuters

As war rages in Gaza, Arab states will likely try to heighten diplomatic pressure on Israel over its assumed nuclear arsenal at next month's annual meeting of the UN nuclear agency's 160 member states.

Cold winds of war at peace camp for Israeli and Palestinian teens, Haaretz

A report from 'peace talks' between Israeli and Palestinian youths at Seeds of Peace in Maine: It wasn’t easy, but it was fun.

Opinion and Analysis

Netanyahu must prove his 'new diplomatic horizon' isn't empty talk, Haaretz

The Haaretz editorial board urges Netanyahu  to “resume negotiations with the Palestinian Authority — including the Palestinian unity government, if it lasts — and undertake a series of confidence-building measures, including the release of Palestinian prisoners to which Israel previously committed and freezing construction in the settlements. Without such steps, Netanyahu’s statements will remain hollow and worthless, exactly like the words of his Bar-Ilan speech.”

Targeted assassinations of its top commanders deal Hamas a heavy blow, Haaretz

“Hamas has been thrown off balance for the first time,” says Amos Harel.

Who Leaked Israel's Top-Secret Briefing About Reoccupying Gaza?, Forward

JJ Goldberg reports that “pressure is building in the Knesset and in the security services for a criminal investigation into the leak in early August of a top-secret military briefing.”

Middle East Watchers: Keep Your Eye on Majid Faraj, National Interest

Grant Rumley profiles Palestinian intelligence chief Majid Faraj.

From price tag to peace tag, Haaretz

Matthew Kalman examines new co-existence initiatives between Israeli settlers and Palestinian villagers in the West Bank.