J Street's News Roundup 6/20/14

June 20th, 2014

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J Street in the News

Israel must seek  Palestinian peace partner, Chicago Sun-Times

“A unity government that recognizes Israel and renounces violence would create space for a Palestinian president to negotiate with Israel on behalf of all Palestinians, both in Gaza and the West Bank, argues the J Street lobbying and advocacy group.”

Top News and Analysis

LIVE UPDATES: 2 Palestinians killed by IDF gunfire during clashes in West Bank, Haaretz

Israeli forces arrested dozens of Palestinians in the West Bank as the search continues for three Israeli teenagers kidnapped last week. A sixteen year old Palestinian was killed by the IDF during a riot in the West Bank village of Dura on Friday, while another was critically hurt by IDF gunfire in a clash near the Qalandiyah checkpoint, and later died of his wounds. Two rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip to Israel but were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system. Earlier Thursday, Hamas denounced the Palestinian Authority's security cooperation with Israel, terming it a violation of the Fatah-Hamas reconciliation. A Hamas spokesman also said that if Israel carries out its threat of expelling Hamas leadership from the West Bank to Gaza, it is "opening the gates of hell."

Israeli official names Hamas leader abroad as suspect behind kidnappings, Times of Israel

An Israeli official said that a Hamas leader currently living in Turkey is believed to be behind the kidnapping of the three Israeli teenagers.

As Iran deal deadline looms, diplomats worried gaps remain, Al-Monitor

A month before an interim nuclear deal expires, a diplomat from the six world powers gave a sobering assessment of the Iran final deal talks, noting that while there is progress on drafting “bits of the text” for a final deal, almost no major area of dispute between Iran and the P5+1 has been effectively settled yet. It’s possible that wide gaps on issues like the size of Iran’s enrichment program could close at the end, he said, but it’s not clear that they will.


Senate panel cuts aid to Egypt, Palestinians, Al-Monitor

The Senate Appropriations panel overwhelmingly approved a $48.3 billion State and Foreign Operations bill yesterday that cuts aid to Egypt and the Palestinians.

Peri: West Bank operation may take a long time, Times of Israel

A senior Israeli official indicated on Friday that the ongoing Operation Brother’s Keeper may continue for a long time.

PA accuses Israel of ‘collective punishment’ in West Bank, Times of Israel

The Palestinian Authority on Thursday condemned the continuous arrests of Hamas operatives and closures in the West Bank as an infliction of “collective punishment” on the Palestinians.

In wake of kidnapping: Cabinet to approve additional funding for settlements, Haaretz

The Israeli cabinet is set to approve a series of financial aid packages for Israeli settlements this Sunday, on the basis of "the security situation following the kidnapping of three Israeli youth" in Gush Etzion.

Jacobs invites Presbyterian leaders to join him in Netanyahu meeting, JTA

Rabbi Rick Jacobs, the president of the Union for Reform Judaism, asked his Presbyterian counterparts to join him in a meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu to make their case against Israeli practices in the West Bank. The Presbyterian Church-USA is considering a proposal to divest from companies that deal with Israeli security services in the West Bank.

Opinion and Analysis

A week of raids and arrests, but no hard lead to the kidnappers, Times of Israel

Avi Issacharoff reports that “Israel is targeting Hamas in the West Bank, but the guiding hand behind the abduction of three Israeli teens lies elsewhere.”

Would Israelis Be Kidnapped If Not For Settlements?, Forward

“It’s remarkable that the people who are now glued to hourly news reports and their Book of Psalms have not yet fully grasped, after 47 years, that where there is no peace there will be acts of war, and that settlements are not a problem because settlers are sometimes unpleasant — they are a problem because they make peace impossible,” writes Emily Hauser

Will Congress get in the Way of an Iran Deal?, The Nation

Ali Gharib examines the likelihood that Congress will approve a deal with Iran.