J Street's News Roundup 6/26/14

June 26th, 2014

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J Street in the News

Obama expresses concern for missing Israeli teens, JTA

President Obama expressed “deep concern” about the three missing Israeli teenagers during a meeting with President Peres and American Jewish leaders, including representatives from J Street.

Securing Syrian refugees’ future tied to Israel’s security, Jewish Journal

Janet Halbert, a member of J Street’s national leadership circle, urged American Jews to support Syrian refugees in Jordan.

Top News and Analysis

Peres’ parting tip to Obama on Middle East: Stick with your friends, warts and all, Haaretz

In a White House meeting with President Obama and American Jewish leaders during his final visit to the United States, President Peres urged support for President Abbas, a “courageous partner in peace.” On Thursday, Peres is slated to receive a Congressional Gold Medal and address the Congress leadership.

Lieberman to Kerry: Palestinian deal only possible only as part of regional agreement, Haaretz

Foreign Minister Lieberman told Secretary of State Kerry in Paris that a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians is unattainable and therefore Israel should reach a comprehensive agreement that includes moderate Arab states, the Palestinians and Israel's Arab citizens.

IDF arrests 10 Palestinians in West Bank crackdown, Times of Israel, Times of Israel

The IDF arrested 10 Palestinians overnight Wednesday and searched 136 locations--mostly in Hebron--as part of the ongoing crackdown in the West Bank to locate three kidnapped Israeli teenagers. The security cabinet voted to continue the operation, a day after voting to begin to scale back activities in the West Bank.


Clashes erupt after Palestinian shot by IDF succumbs to wounds, Haaretz

Palestinians clashed with IDF Wednesday night after a man who was shot during a raid last week died of his injuries. The military initially used tear gas and stun grenades in an attempt to disperse the riot in Qalandiyah but eventually resorted to firing rubber bullets. One Palestinian was hurt.

Putin calls for renewal of peace process in Abbas meet, Haaretz, Times of Israel

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Abbas Wednesday in Russia and called for a resumption of the peace process.

Rivlin: Abbas speech could restore Israel-PA trust, Times of Israel

President-elect Rivlin said that Abbas’s call for the immediate release of the three kidnapped teenagers opened the window for an Israeli-Palestinian rapprochement, urging “direct communication” between Jerusalem and Ramallah to foster a better understanding of each other’s position.

Bennett: Palestinian President Abbas is 'a mega-terrorist', Haaretz

Economics Minister Naftali Bennett called Abbas a "mega-terrorist" for transferring Palestinian Authority funds to Palestinian inmates in Israeli prisons.

Israel may ban PA fund transfers to convicted terrorists, Haaretz

The security cabinet has decided to examine options for preventing the Palestinian Authority from transferring funds to Palestinians imprisoned in Israel.

MKs on Left, Right unite to comfort families of kidnapped teens, Jerusalem Post

Lawmakers from across the political spectrum  showed support in the Knesset for the mothers of the kidnapped teens.

PM praises officials for ending prisoner strike, Times of Israel

Prime Minister Netanyahu praised senior officials for their involvement in bringing the Palestinian prisoners’ hunger strike to a close on Tuesday.

Hamas-hired workers in Gaza strike for wages in test for unity deal, Reuters

Some 40,000 public servants hired by Hamas went on strike in Gaza on Thursday in a pay dispute that could test the resilience of the new Palestinian government.

Israel fears world powers softening on Iran's nuke program, Haaretz

Israeli officials are reportedly concerned that the United States and other world powers are softening their stance on how many centrifuges Iran would be allowed to retain under a permanent deal on its nuclear program.

Opinion and Analysis

If Israel’s supporters want the world's empathy, they must give it themselves, Haaretz

Peter Beinart notes that “if you want others to care about the suffering of your people, it’s a good thing to care about the suffering of others.”

Palestinian officials fear 'regional crisis' with Israel over kidnappings, Al-Monitor

Adnan Abu Amer details the Palestinian security cooperation with Israel to find the kidnapped teens.

Israel should back Mahmoud Abbas to deter ISIS, Al-Monitor

Akiva Eldar suggests that Israel cannot help to deter Islamic fundamentalism if it does not reach a peace agreement with the Palestinian Authority.

J Street cares deeply about Israel, Wicked Local Marblehead

J Street Boston Media Committee Chair Stan Fleischman writes in a letter that “J Street cares deeply about Israel and its future as a democratic homeland for the Jewish people… A two-state solution that provides a secure Israel, maintaining its Jewish character while providing full rights to its minority population, coexisting side by side with a contiguous and viable independent Palestinian state, and Jerusalem as a shared capital, is the only solution that can work.”