J Street's News Roundup 6/30/14

June 30th, 2014

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J Street Praises Ambassador Indyk's Work for Peace, J Street Blog

J Street paid tribute to Ambassador Martin Indyk following his resignation from the State Department.

Top News and Analysis

Martin Indyk resigns as U.S. special Mideast envoy, Haaretz

He will continue to play an advisory role and return to his post should peace talks resume.

Rocket fired from Gaza slams into Sderot factory, Times of Israel

One person was injured when a rocket struck a paint factory in Sderot.

Cabinet approves plan to tighten Israeli control over East Jerusalem, Haaretz

The plan, calling for the investment of 295 million shekels over next 5 years, is seen by some as a means to prevent the future division of Jerusalem.

Mideast peace impossible without international action, Haaretz

Saeb Erekat calls for international action to put pressure on settlements and empower those in Israel that support a two-state solution.


Netanyahu Says Security Control Is Vital in Any Accord, New York Times

Netanyahu said that, under any peace deal with the Palestinians, he’d insist on maintaining security control over the West Bank for “a very long time.”

Netanyahu: If Hamas won't stop Gaza rockets, Israel will, Haaretz

Speaking at a Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee meeting, Netanyahu said: “If the quiet achieved following Operation Pillar of Defense is disrupted, there are two options: Either Hamas stops it, as it is responsible for the territory, or we will stop it. We cannot allow the continuation of rocket fire.”

After rocket barrage, Lieberman calls to consider retaking Gaza, Times of Israel

Other officials are arguing for a large scale operation against militants in Gaza.

Hamas fired rockets for first time since 2012, Israeli officials say, Times of Israel

Though not confirmed, Israeli defense officials believe Hamas is behind a volley of rockets fired Monday morning. In all, over 70 rockets have been fired from Gaza since the beginning of June.

Presbyterians Remove Guide After Criticism, New York Times

PCUSA has stopped selling the controversial study guide on Zionism which J Street had called ‘reductive and offensive.’

10 Palestinians injured in clashes with IDF, JTA

The injuries occurred during West Bank raids and shelling on Gaza.

Accused kidnappers are rogue Hamas branch, Al-Monitor

Al-Monitor reports that the accused kidnappers of three Israeli teenagers are part of a Hebron clan that is identified with Hamas but often ignores its leadership and acts contrary to its policies.

Israeli army handing out Ramadan candies with anti-Hamas slogans, Palestinians say, Haaretz

Matchboxes and candies with slogans like “Hamas is making life bitter in the West Bank” are being distributed during Israeli raids.

Herzog calls on Lapid, Livni to form new gov’t, Times of Israel

Labor head Isaac Herzog believes elections will be held within a year.

Netanyahu in media blitz warns world powers on any Iran deal, JTA

Netanyahu gave interviews in each of the six countries represented in the P5+1 and sent a delegation to Washington to warn the world powers against signing a deal that he views as offering up too many compromises to Iran.

Gaza summer fouled by 100,000 cubic meters of beach sewage, Haaretz

Fuel shortages in Gaza have prevented the regular functioning of waste treatment facilities in the strip.

Hamas official slams Abbas, casts doubt on Palestinian unity, Haaretz

The Hamas official who led reconciliation talks with Fatah said Abbas is neglecting the implementation of national unity.

Opinion and Analysis

Momentum for peace can still be achieved, JPost

The US Consul General to Jerusalem defended Secretary Kerry’s peace effort, writing that, “We now have a new level of understanding of the parties’ negotiating positions, security considerations, and other important factors that will leave us better off in future negotiations.”

Indyk Quits, Abbas Offers New Talks, Israel Erupts, Forward

Name calling and calls for resignations have punctuated the Israeli political scene over the past several days.

The Old Boys Club and the Failure of Peacekeeping, Time

Elizabeth Weingarten talks to a number of experts about the importance of including women at the negotiating table and creating pluralistic dialogue.