J Street's News Roundup 7/2/14

July 2nd, 2014

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J Street in the News

Slain teens call for justice, not escalation, CNN.com

J Street Vice President of Communications Alan Elsner warns of the dangers of pursuing revenge and retribution, instead of justice, in response to the murders of the three Israeli teenagers.  

Top News and Analysis

Israel in 'deep grief' as three teens laid to rest, Los Angeles Times

Weeping mourners gathered Tuesday to bury the three Israeli teenagers whose bodies were found in a rocky West Bank field more than two weeks after they had disappeared.

Possible Revenge Killing Adds to Tension in Israel, The New York Times

Reports of an Arab teenager being forced into a car in an East Jerusalem neighborhood early Wednesday and of a body found later in a Jerusalem forest have raised suspicions of an Israeli revenge attack.

Israel's dilemma: War on Gaza or minor moves in West Bank?, Haaretz

Apparently, Netanyahu has no stomach for an extensive operation in Gaza, but must take some action to appease Likud activists and settlers.

Israel vs. Hamas: Moving in the wrong direction again?, Los Angeles Times

The editorial board urges that “the  latest deaths must not become a justification for an escalation of violence, for the continued death of innocents or for yet another downward spiral in the depressing and destabilizing war that so often seems to be moving in exactly the wrong direction.”


The men Israel blames for the deaths of Israeli teenagers and their violent family history, Washington Post

An examination of the two lead suspects in the kidnapping and murder of the Israeli teens.

A Trail of Clues, and Then Heartbreak, The New York Times

The first clues that led to the grisly discovery of the bodies of three missing Israeli teenagers came only hours after their abduction in the West Bank was reported.

Gaza rockets hit Israel during teens' funeral, i24 News

Southern Israel hit with barrage of rockets Tuesday eve; IAF strikes 34 Gaza targets overnight Monday

Abbas asks world leaders to help restrain Israel, Times of Israel

PA president set to convene meeting Tuesday to discuss Jerusalem’s possible responses to discovery of kidnapped teens’ bodies

Settlers set up new outpost named after murdered teens, Times of Israel

Settlers set up a new outpost in the Etzion Bloc region in the West Bank early Tuesday to honor of the three murdered Israeli teenagers. The outpost named Givat Oz Gaon, whose Hebrew letters form an acronym for Gil-ad, Eyal and Naftali.

Palestinians react with indifference to murder of teens, Haaretz

Until discovery of bodies, many believed no abduction had occurred, since such an act would undermine so many Palestinian successes.

Extreme rightists attack Palestinians in Jerusalem as teens laid to rest, Haaretz

Rioters injure five Palestinians, disrupt public transportation, even burst into McDonald's looking for Arabs as undercover police, security guards protect potential victims.

Home of Palestinian murder suspect can be razed, Israeli court rules,JTA

The army can raze the home of a Palestinian indicted in the Passover eve murder of a senior police officer, Israel’s Supreme Court ruled.

Spooks Warn Pols: Don't Strike Hamas Over Kidnap, Forward

In contrast to charged calls from Israeli politicians, Israeli security and intelligence experts urge “distinguishing between terrorists responsible for the murders and politicians whose ideology may or may not have inspired the murderers.”

Opinion and Analysis

Kidnap Denial: Blaming the victim of tragedy, Haaretz

Bradley Burston takes on those on all sides who rush to use the Israeli teenagers’ murders and the response to it in service of narrow political agendas.

Cabinet must not be guided by fear, YNET

Nachum Barnea asserts that the strategy behind Prime Minister Netanyahu’s response strategy should not be dictated by the right-wing parties.

Israel’s Prime Minister must walk a fine line in the pursuit of revenge, The Globe and Mail

Patrick Murphy urges Prime Minister Netanyahu to look to Prime Minister Rabin’s example in how to chart a “course driven by the country’s rage, between pressure from the political right to take revenge and concern that some responses could trigger a shooting war.”

Who will turn off Israel’s cash pipeline to the settlements?, Haaretz

Gershom Gorenberg says that MK Yair Lapid’s lack of transparency regarding state funding of settlements is at odds with his two-state declarations.