Prominent Americans support J Street

November 30th, -0001

J Street’s Advisory Council is made up of anti-Israel ideologues.

J Street’s Advisory Council consists of over 200 prominent Americans – including former members of Congress, rabbis, former Jewish community leaders and professionals, and many others. Click here for the full list.

Some on the Council have been publicly critical of Israeli policy – and so has J Street at times. We do not equate opposition to the policies of a particular Israeli government or official with being anti-Israel – just as we don’t equate opposition to a particular American party or official with being anti-American.

We have a particular view on the policies that would be most beneficial to Israel and to the United States – and we realize that there are those who disagree. We urge an open and robust debate on the merits of our positions and an end to ad hominem attacks and name calling against our supporters.

It is worth noting as well that J Street has the support of numerous Israeli security officials, foreign officers, politicians, writers, and artists. Click here for that list and to see a video featuring prominent Israeli supporters of J Street.