Support Jan Schakowsky

June 16th, 2010

Have you been itching to send a message to Alan Dershowitz?

Dershowitz is in Chicago to headline a fundraiser for Rep. Jan Schakowsky's Republican opponent, who is making vicious, unfair attacks on her pro-Israel credentials.

What is Dershowitz doing supporting a political neophyte who courts the Tea Party movement over a veteran Congresswoman who led the fight for health care reform and is a life-long supporter of Israel?

Join us in sending Alan a message by raising $20,000 for Jan Schakowsky in the next 24 hours.

Our goal with JStreetPAC is to prevent pro-Israel, pro-peace members of Congress from being intimidated for supporting efforts to achieve Middle East peace through a two-state solution.

Help us reject this kind of politics by contributing to Jan Schakowsky right now.

Jan Schakowsky is an American success story.  Her parents immigrated to the United States from Russia as children at the beginning of the 20th century.  Their parents were looking to escape oppression and build a new life for their family in the land of freedom and opportunity.  She's brought a passion for social justice and human rights to her public life that reflects the deeply-held values instilled in her at home.

She represents the best of her community, yet to some, none of that matters.  They want to silence Jan's voice in Congress because she's also not afraid to speak out for a rational, sensible Middle East policy.