There is plenty of blame to go around

November 30th, -0001

J Street is critical only of Israel, never of the Palestinians and Arabs; J Street seeks concessions only from Israel, not from the other side.

J Street has been very clear in every public statement that it believes that all sides – including Israel, the Palestinians and the Arab states – will have to take steps and make compromises if the Arab-Israeli conflict is to be settled peacefully.

In supporting President Obama’s demand that Israel cease settlement expansion, J Street has also always called on the Palestinians to live up to their commitments to end incitement and violence, and on the Arab nations to take steps toward normalization of relations with Israel.

J Street has also been critical of Holocaust denial by Hamas and Iran, the use of the Durban II conference to promote anti-Semitism, and support for violence and incitement against Israel in the Arab world.

Here’s a list of recent J Street statements on the subject:

“J Street Condemns Jordanian Minister Mjali’s Call to Release Murderer,” February 17, 2011.
“J Street Condemns PA Official’s Denial of Jewish Connection to Western Wall,” November 27, 2010.
“J Street Condemns Iranian President Ahmadinejad,” September 23, 2010.
“J Street Urges All Sides to Refrain from Unilateral Action, Renounce Incitement as Direct Talks Begin,” August 31, 2010.
“J Street Strongly Condemns Palestinian Incitement,” April 9, 2010.
“J Street Condemns PA’s Honoring of Terrorist,” March 12, 2010.
“Statement on Israeli Interception of Arms Ship in Mediterranean,” November 5, 2009.
“J Street Denounces Iranian President,” September 23, 2010.
“J Street Condemns Hamas’ Holocaust Denial,” September 1, 2009.
“J Street Statement on Bat Ayin Terrorist Attack,” April 2, 2009.
“J Street Statement on Terrorist Attack in Jerusalem,” March 5, 2009.