Why Do You Stand With J Street?

October 14th, 2009

J Street asked pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans why they stand with J Street as we work to achieve a two-state solution and secure true peace for Israel and the entire Middle East. 

"My children were born in Jerusalem during the bus and cafe bombings of the second intifada.  J Street's powerful voicing of the majority opinion that strong US leadership is required to achieve a peaceful two-state solution gives me hope that Israeli children won't have to live through a time like that again."
- Janette, Massachusetts 

"I stand with J Street because as an American-born Jew whose father fought in WWII, I love Israel, and believe passionately in its right to exist, and also think that the path to guaranteeing a future of prosperity, peace and hope involves a two-state solution and reaching out to the Palestinians."
- Stacey, New Mexico  

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