Have his back



Tell your Representative:

  • President Obama’s historic address in Jerusalem injected new life and hope into the pursuit of Israeli-Palestinian peace, making the case that it is possible, just and necessary for Israel’s survival as a democracy and Jewish homeland.
  • By going above and beyond what Israelis are used to hearing from American politicians, and telling them the truth, the president proved his friendship.
  • He delivered an honest assessment of the threats posed by an unsustainable status quo and offered an alternative: Israel can seize control of its own destiny by negotiating with its genuine partner, the Palestinian Authority.
  • Now the real work must begin. The achievement of a two-state solution will require bold US leadership and a serious, sustained diplomatic initiative.
  • The President made clear that political leaders will only take bold steps when the people demand them. So I am calling on my Member of Congress to strongly support the President's vision and US engagement to help Israel and the Palestinians finally resolve this conflict with a two-state solution.