A Voice for Today, a Vision for Tomorrow
April 14-17, 2018



8:30pm | Opening Night


8:30am | Breakout Sessions
  • What is the Impact of the Effort to Counter BDS on Campus and in Communities?
  • Palestinian Citizens of Israel: A Key Piece of the Puzzle
  • APN Presents: Setting Settlements in Stone: Formalizing Annexation
10am | Plenary

Polarized or Galvanized? Progressives in Israel and America Tackle the Rise of Illiberal Democracy

11:45am | Supplementary Sessions
  • Spotlight on Grassroots Co-Existence Projects
  • Dilemmas of a Human Rights Leader
  • Rabbi and Cantor’s Lunch
1:15pm | Breakout Sessions
  • Who Will Speak Up?: Understanding Anti-Semitism in Today’s America
  • (Solutions @70) Building a Palestinian State: How Israeli-Palestinian Cooperation Can Lead to Progress
  • NIF PRESENTS: The New Grassroots: How New Movements, Organizations and Initiatives Are Bringing Power to the People Throughout Israel
  • America First or America Alone? The Erosion of Diplomacy Under the Trump Administration
  • Standing Together: The Power of Progressive Partnerships
2:45pm | Plenary

At 70 years - Assessing the Relationship Between American Jewry and Israel

4:30pm | Breakout Sessions
  • The Path to Power: Strategies for Political Change in Israel
  • Can the Iran Nuclear Agreement Survive? The Fight to Preserve the JCPOA
  • American Progressives and Israel: Overcoming Divisions, Finding Common Ground
  • Jewish Values and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A Text Study with the Shalom Hartman Institute
  • Shaping the Palestinian Future: Voices of the Next Generation


8:30am | Advocacy Day Training

Important training for everyone participating in Advocacy Day on Tuesday.

10am | Breakout Sessions
  • Who Has the Ear of the Trump Administration?
  • National Security and the 2018 Election
  • Tough Neighborhood: Israel's Security Challenges in a Tumultuous Middle East (In cooperation with Commanders for Israel's Security)
  • The Politics of Demolitions and Creeping Annexation
11:30am | Supplementary Sessions
  • Fight Like a Mensch
  • Session on the Geneva Initiative Reconciliation Project
  • The Role of Israeli-Americans in Jewish Progressive Politics
1pm | Plenary

Panel: Diplomacy & the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: What's Next?

3:15pm | Breakout Sessions
  • A Palestinian Path to Peace?: The Future of Palestinian Leadership
  • J Street@10: How J Street Has Helped Transform the Israel Conversation on Capitol Hill
  • The Debate over Free Speech, Hate Speech, and “No Platforming” on College Campuses
  • Jerusalem: Present Home and Future Capital of Two Peoples
  • The Choices Ahead: A Look at the Issues that Dominate Israeli Public Debate
4:45pm | Supplementary Sessions

Session topics to come!

7:30pm | National Gala Dinner

Speaker information to come.


Join us for our Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill.