J Street National Leadership

Finance Committee Trustee: $100,000+

Members of the Finance Committee who give a combined total of at least $100,000 to any of J Street’s entities.

All Finance Committee benefits: Finance Committee Trustees are the movers and shakers of our movement, able to both support and influence JStreetPAC’s endorsees and are key players in our national strategy.

Chair’s Circle: $50,000+

All National Leadership Circle, Congressional Caucus and President’s Council benefits plus: Chair’s Circle members are involved in the growth of J Street at the highest level, hearing directly from US and Israeli officials and participating in the shaping of J Street’s strategy on a national scale.

President's Council: $25,000+

All National Leadership Circle and Congressional Caucus benefits plus: President’s Council members act as advisors to the organization’s growth and strategy, meeting personally with President Jeremy Ben-Ami and private meetings with Israeli officials at J Street’s National Conference.

Finance Committee: $10,000+

Includes $5,000+ in annual operating support plus $5,000+ in political support.

All National Leadership Circle and Congressional Caucus benefits plus: Finance Committee members are at the forefront of our political operation, deeply engaged in JStreetPAC’s work, including interviews with prospective Congressional endorsees and monthly calls devoted to PAC endorsements, political strategy, and policy updates.

Congressional Caucus: $10,000+

All National Leadership Circle benefits plus: Special invitation to Congressional Reception at Gala Dinner and invitation to join Leadership Missions to the Middle East.

Ambassadors Club: $5,000+

All National Leadership Circle benefits plus: An invitation to go on one of our Leadership Missions to the Middle East along with other J Street leaders and Members of Congress.

National Leadership Circle: $1,800+

The first tier of our National Leadership, donors giving $1,800+ ensure J Street’s growth on a national scale and participate in the strategic discussions that shape J Street policy and set the course of our movement’s success.

National Leadership Circle includes:
- Invitation to join Annual Leadership Summit in Washington, DC -
- Monthly briefing calls on breaking news with J Street staff and International policy experts -
- Regular contact and consultation with Regional Political Directors -
- Special recognition in J Street's Annual Report -

For more information about J Street and our national leadership and political engagement opportunities, please contact:
Alon Mazor, Manager of Leadership and Development Operations, at (202)-204-8009 or alon [at] jstreet [dot] org.

To make a gift to J Street please follow this link.

To give via check, please mail a check, made payable to "J Street,"  to:

J Street
P.O. Box 66073
Washington, DC 20035

To give via phone please call Alon Mazor, Development Assistant, at (202) 204-8009.

To make a tax-deductible donation to the the J Street Education Fund, a 501(c)(3) organization, please send a check made payable to "J Street Education Fund" to:

J Street Education Fund
P.O. Box 66073
Washington, DC 20035