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Donald Trump’s embrace of settlements and the one-state solution would be disastrous for Israel

Leah Susman in Times of Israel

Leah Susman, J Street U's Northeast Regional Co-Chair and a junior at Brandeis, demonstrates just how radical a departure Trump's position on Israel and the settlements is from traditional...

Our Radical Weapon Against the Israeli Occupation: Kindness

Amna Farooqi in Forward

J Street U President Amna Farooqi writes of her recent trip to the South Hebron Hills with the Center for Jewish Nonviolence. “Though I am not Jewish, I joined...

Ron Dermer, Meet With America’s pro-Israel Progressives, Not Only Its Hawks

Sonia Brin in Haaretz

J Street U Northwest Regional Co-Chair Sonia Brin argues, “Progressive pro-Israel activists offer a different voice, actively challenging BDS by calling...

Federations Have a Choice to Make: Will They Side With the Israeli Government or Students Fighting BDS?

Cooper Boyar in Boston Jewish Journal

J Street U leader Cooper Boyar writes, “If Jewish communal institutions choose to take leadership by openly supporting the two-state solution, by condemning...

Worried About Intersectionality? Oppose the Israeli Occupation

Amna Farooqi in Haaretz

J Street U National President Amna Farooqi writes, “As long as the institutional pro-Israel community ignores the occupation and treats its effects...

Why Are Our Federation Dollars Funding Israeli Settlements?

Elie Leaderman-Bray & Tali DeGroot in Forward

J Street U Board members Tali deGroot and Elie Leaderman-Bray write, “The federations and other major American Jewish organizations need to make...