J Street opposes sequestration, would not make an exception for Israel

March 6th, 2013

“The sequestration is bad policy and an abrogation of congressional responsibility. We support US aid to Israel which has been so important in developing important programs like the Iron Dome missile defense system. But American and Israeli interests are best served by rejecting the cuts across the board and not by singling out Israel as an exception,” said J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami. Read More...

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The US-Israel Relationship and Foreign Aid

May 1st, 2012

J Street believes that maintaining a strong, vibrant US-Israel relationship based on shared values and goals is a core American interest. US support for Israel as a democracy and a national home for the Jewish people is an historic and crucial commitment. An enduring relationship between the US and Israel promotes common interests in the security, economic and strategic spheres. Read More...

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