Why is Israel’s announcement about planning in E1 a big deal?
For decades, the United States has supported a two-state solution as the only way to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Yet right now, that solution is under dire threat. The Netanyahu government’s decision to build a massive new settlement in the E1 zone of the West Bank is much more than a tit-for-tat response to the United Nations General Assembly's recognition of Palestinian statehood. This move is a dagger aimed at the heart of a future Palestinian state – and therefore at the two-state solution. It is also a slap in the face to the international community, the United States and the overwhelming majority of American Jews who long to see Israel living at peace with its neighbors.

This is not a routine settlement-construction announcement. Building in E1 would mean cutting off the Arab neighborhoods of East Jerusalem from the West Bank and undermining the prospects of a two-state solution along with it. Resolution of the conflict requires the emergence of a contiguous Palestinian state with the E1 zone as its sole north-south corridor. Construction in this area could ultimately result in the loss of Israel as a Jewish and democratic homeland. The area is so essential to a two-state solution that the United States has intervened since 2005 to halt Israeli plans to build there.

Its time for the Obama administration to do the same now. Tell President Obama: Say NO To E1 Settlements

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Rabbis and Cantors are speaking out on E1 as well -- read a joint letter by Rabbis from J Street, Americans for Peace Now and Rabbis for Human Rights - North America and sign on.
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