Save the Iran Deal

Congress can save the deal, prevent a nuclear-armed Iran and stop Trump from leading us down the path to war.

President Trump’s decertification of the iran deal kicks off a legislative battle to save the agreement.

President Trump has decertified the Iran deal – against the advice of experts, our negotiating partners and many of Trump’s own advisers, who agree Iran is complying with the deal.

This act alone will strain ties with our allies and damage America’s credibility on the international stage. But decertification does not pull the US out of the agreement.

Instead, Trump is pressuring Congress to pass legislation that, under the guise of “fixing the deal,” would effectively destroy it. He’s trying to get Congress to make one the biggest foreign policy blunders in US history so he won’t have to.

Congress does not need to be an accomplice in Trump’s plan to unravel the Iran deal. They can stand up against a course of action that could lead to an unconstrained Iranian nuclear program or another war in the Middle East.


This is a fight we can – and must – win.

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Must Reads

What the White House Announcement on Iran Deal Really Means: Three Takeaways

Tess Bridgeman

"The President’s asking Congress to legislate the collapse of the deal – automatically snapping back nuclear sanctions even if Iran remains in compliance would violate our commitments."

A Trump retreat from the Iran deal would damage trust in U.S. dealmaking, EU ally says

Larisa Epatko

European Union Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini said, "The message that America would send to the rest of the world [by abandoning the deal] is that America cannot be trusted upon."

Trump Is Going to Make a Huge Mistake on the Iran Deal

Wendy Sherman

"If President Trump undermines the nuclear deal, the repercussions for American foreign policy will be disastrous: It will drive a wedge between the United States and Europe... and increasing the influence of Iran, Russia and China."

Israeli leader at odds with security team over Iran deal

Josef Federman

According to a former Iran specialist on the Israeli National Security Council, "No one except Trump and Netanyahu, with all due respect, is supporting [decertification] right now."

The world can't afford a nuclear Iran. Keep the deal.

Ernest Moniz

"For the United States to now turn its back on this deal would be more than an embarrassment, it would be an unconscionably perilous act."

Countdown to zero: The case for the Iran deal

Rep. Gerry Connolly

"Withdrawing from the deal would damage U.S. credibility in the eyes of our allies and adversaries and weaken our leverage to negotiate future nonproliferation agreements with Iran or other states."

The Iran deal is working. This is how we know.

John Kerry

"No country has gone nuclear with the Additional Protocol in place. It’s that intrusive. We insisted it be a bedrock of the Iran agreement.”

The myth of a 'better' Iran deal

Colin Kahl

"Threatening to blow it up now unless Iran and our P5+1 partners acquiesce to new terms — as Trump seems hell-bent on doing — is not a recipe for a better outcome. It is a recipe for disaster."

Conservatives should want to preserve the Iran deal

John Glaser

"If Iran truly poses the threat most conservatives say it does, it’s far better for Iran to be constrained by the nuclear deal than unburdened from its obligations due to the Trump administration’s decision to blow it up."