The district: Kentucky’s 6th congressional district (KY-06) is a central Kentucky district that includes Lexington, Richmond, and Frankfort and has been represented by Republican Rep. Andy Barr since 2013. Although President Trump carried this district by a 15-point margin in 2016, an exceptionally strong nominee has put this district into play in 2018. With a competitive race well underway, outside groups are spending heavily in this district to insulate Rep. Barr.

Our candidate: Amy McGrath is a former Marine combat aviator, and she kicked off her campaign in August 2017 with a viral video telling the story of her childhood dream of becoming a fighter pilot. She completed tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq and served as a Marine Corps Congressional Fellow in Rep. Susan Davis’s office. She also served as the Pentagon’s Marine Corps’ Liaison to the State Department and most recently taught at the U.S. Naval Academy.


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