Mid-Atlantic Assistant Regional Director

Previous to this role, Avital joined J Street as the J Street U New-England Organizer and Mid-Atlantic liason after graduating from Tel-Aviv University’s Mediation and Conflict Resolution master’s program. Her focus was the Middle East region and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, religious conflicts and ethics. She was awarded a scholarship for her research on the universal banality of evil and the political actions needed to stop its spread globally and in the middle east specifically.

Prior to graduate school, Avital interned for The Peres Center for Peace, working on public relations. Concurrently Avital also managed two businesses —  PikaCherry, a recommendation and lifestyle site, and her own yoga business, which Avital leveraged to hold fundraisers for causes and organizations, especially those assisting Palestinians in the occupied territories.

As an undergraduate in Philosophy and Linguistics at Tel Aviv University, Avital was a member of the university Meretz chapter as well as other political organizing efforts around issues of social justice in Israel. During her bachelor’s degree, Avital worked as a linguist in Semantic Interfaces, a natural language understanding startup company.

Avital is thrilled to bring her human rights activist background to her position at J Street. Her greatest passion was and still is to advocate for a peaceful solution to the conflict. Avital believes strongly in the human heart and the ability to choose goodness and that a group of individuals doing the right thing will illuminate what is best in the world. A peaceful solution is rooted in hopeful actions and courageous hearts.