Shira Livne

J Street U Organizing and Campaign Director

Shira is the J Street U Organizing and Campaign Director. Shira joined J Street after graduating from Georgetown University’s Conflict Resolution master’s program. Her focus was the Middle East region and the Israeli -Palestinian conflict more specifically. In her previous position, Shira was the Advocacy Coordinator for Freedom of Movement at ‘HaMoked: Center for the Defense of the Individual,’ an Israeli human rights organization based in east Jerusalem with the aim of assisting Palestinians in the occupied territories whose rights are violated due to Israel’s governmental policies.

Shira received her bachelor’s degree in Political science and History from Tel Aviv University where she was involved in various political organizing efforts around issues of social justice in Israel and the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian people. In 2013 Shira together with the social activist, Sapir Sluzker – Amran founded the DocoRights project. They founded this initiative as a result of their desire to address the needs of protesters and protesters on the ground and to protect the freedom of expression and protest. In 2015, DocoRights developed from an activist field-based project to a project sponsored by the Israeli Association for Civil Rights (ACRI).

Shira has rich experience working with young people, women, and marginalized communities through mentoring, capacity-building, leadership training, and social justice activism. As a result of her work both as a professional and as an activist, Shira believes that in spite of the daily injustices and hardships that are the direct result of the conflict, the future of the Israelis and the Palestinian is intertwined and that just and peaceful solution can only be the result of political actions rooted in hope.