Skyler Scoggan

Associate Regional Director for Southwest

Skyler is a fourth-generation proponent of a peaceful and democratic Israel. This is his second stint with J Street after serving as the Regional Lead Organizer for the Mountain West from 2015-2016. He has spent time working at the Geneva Initiative in Israel/Palestine, being an election observer for a democracy promotion NGO in Cambodia, augmenting oversight committees at Goldman Sachs, leading Democratic campaign field operations in Winston Salem, North Carolina and being a political advisor to a candidate for mayor in Salt Lake City, Utah. He further spent a year and half working for an intelligence company in Jerusalem and completed basic training with the IDF. He holds an MA in Security Studies and International Business Relations after proudly graduating from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. A native of Park City, Utah and a diehard Denver Broncos/Utah Jazz fan, the mountains are his home along with loving any sport interacting with them.