Author Posts: Noa Barash

The Escalation in Israeli-Palestinian Violence – And What the Biden Administration Must Do

Without intervention, destructive impulses and ideologies focused on revenge and retaliation, on punishment and control, will continue to make the...

Peace Education With the Adam Institute

The Adam Institute’s approach is experiential, rooted in research—and fun.

Two-Way Street for Hanukkah 5783 | A Holiday with Two Narratives – Where Light and Miracles Prevail

"Why was the Second Temple destroyed? Because of Sinat Chinam, senseless hatred of one for another." (Bavli Yoma 9b)

A Good Day for Democracy

This could not be a more critical moment for democracy globally.

Mitvim: More Than a Think Tank

"The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is embedded in every single thing that we do."

How the Hotline for Refugees and Migrants Fights for the Rights of Vulnerable Communities

“We believe in changing reality not only through decision-makers but by harnessing the power of the public. It's a difficult...

Two-Way Street for Sukkot 5783 | We Too Are Needed to Build a Sukkat Shalom

While there are times when peace may seem unachievable, our tradition reminds us that this is only temporary. When we...

Two-Way Street for Yom Kippur 5783 | The Other Tourists

In passing, I admired the figs strung like beads on heavy cords and kept moving forward, thinking about the complexity...

Nitzan Horowitz: Meretz Leader and LGBT+ Trailblazer

"We've made an enormous advancement in recent years regarding the acceptance of LGBT people in Israeli society," Horowitz says. "But...