J Street’s National Conference

Living Our Values, Defending Democracy
December 3-6, 2022 | Washington, DC + Virtual

J Street is excited to be back in person for our National Conference, the year’s largest gathering of pro-Israel, pro-peace activists — and one of the most important, talked-about annual events in the worlds of foreign policy and progressive politics. Join us as we center our work on defending democracy at home and abroad as we hear from a lineup of star speakers, reflect on the 2022 midterm elections results and make our voices heard on Capitol Hill.

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Why should you join us at the J Street National Conference?
Here’s 5 reasons:

Health and Safety Information: Read J Street's 2022 National Conference COVID Information


On Tuesday, December 6, we’ll head to Capitol Hill to meet directly with our Members of Congress in person for the first time in three years. We will advocate for pro-Israel, pro-peace, diplomacy-first policies. We must demonstrate our power and our numbers and make clear to lawmakers that they have room to support smart, effective policies without fear of political repercussions, showing them that huge portions of the pro-Israel and American Jewish communities stand behind them. Join us and make sure your voice is heard.


Taking place at such an important time on the heels of the Midterm elections, the 2022 J Street Conference will be THE place where activists, policy experts, Members of Congress and politicos come together to debate and plan for the future of American foreign policy. It will be a forum for discussion at the highest levels about how Americans can help promote a two-state solution, defend Israeli democracy and end the occupation.


J Street’s conference comes at a critical moment for the fate of liberal democracy in the United States, in Israel and around the world. As American Jews and pro-Israel, pro-peace activists, we’re determined to do all we can to help defend and promote democracy. The 2022 Conference will feature expert sessions on defending democracy at home and abroad, voting rights, and democracy protection initiatives throughout the country. Join us to learn how you can take action to defend our freedoms and push our communal institutions to confront the severity of this threat.


The 2022 Conference will take place less than a month after the Midterms elections. Whether or not Democrats retain power in Congress, our advocacy and activism work will be more important than ever. Learn from the best with in-depth, issue-based 101s to skill-building workshops on messaging strategy, online tools and political advocacy. We’ll help you gain the skills you need to be an effective activist.


At J Street, we know that the power of our movement starts with relationships. J Street’s conference is the largest pro-Israel, pro-peace gathering of the year, bringing together passionate supporters of peace and justice from Israel, the Palestinian Territory, the United States and around the world. At the conference you’ll meet thousands of like-minded activists and have an opportunity to tap into networks to help you stay informed and engaged in your community.