October 26-29, 2019 | Washington, DC

Saturday, October 26

DAR Constitution Hall

7:30pm | Opening Night

A live taping of Pod Save the World, featuring Ben Rhodes, Tommy Vietor and guests TBA.

Sunday, October 27

Walter E. Washington Convention Center

8:45-10am | Breakout Sessions
  1. Is Peace Still Possible?
  2. Gaza: From Crisis to Crisis
  3. “Not by Might”: Anti-Democratic Trends in the United States (A T’ruah Text Study)
  4. Advocacy Day Captains Training
10:30-11:45am | Breakout Sessions
  1. Annexation 101
  2. Understanding the World Zionist Congress Elections
  3. Fighting Anti-Semitism and its Weaponization in American Politics
  4. Israeli Politics: Arab-Jewish Political Alliances
  5. Let Our People Know: J Street U Trip Report-Back
  6. Training: Navigating on J Street
  7. Hartman Institute Text Study
12:00-1:15pm | Breakout Sessions
  1. Palestinian Economy
  2. Taking a Hammer to the Peace Process: The Trump Administration’s Undermining of the Two State-Solution
  3. Fighting the Partnership of the Israeli and American Right
  4. Training: A Progressive Understanding of Anti-Semitism
  5. #JewishResistance - A New Book by Gili Getz
  6. Advocacy Day Captains Training
  7. Words that Trigger: Zionism, Occupation, Annexation
1:30-2:45pm | Breakout Sessions
  1. NIF Sponsored Session
  2. What Does a Progressive Foreign Policy in the Middle East Look Like?
  3. Humans, Not Infiltrators: Refugees and Asylum Seekers in the US and Israel
  4. Finding Love, Building Bridges - A Book Talk With Dorit Rabinyan and Yousef Bashir
  5. East Jerusalem: Facts on the Ground
  6. American Jews and Israeli Jews - Rifts in Public Opinion


3:00-4:15pm | Breakout Sessions
  1. Israel in the 2020 Election
  2. What Are the Long-Term Impacts of People-to-People programs?
  3. The role of Israeli-Americans in Jewish progressive politics and in strengthening the alliance with Israeli left (Session in Hebrew)
  4. Fighting White Supremacists in the 21st Century
  5. Training: Bringing J Street to Your Synagogue
  6. The Impact of the Immersive Israel/Palestine Experiences on Professionals
5:00-7:00pm | Regional Meetups

Various locations. Information will be available in the conference app.

7:00pm | Plenary

Speakers TBA

Monday, October 28

Walter E. Washington Convention Center

8:00am | Breakfast

Registration will be open for those arriving on Monday.

8:30-9:45am | Advocacy Day Training

Mandatory for Advocacy Day participants

10:00-12:00pm | Speeches

Speakers TBA

12:20-1:30pm | Breakout Sessions
  1. Fight like a Mensch
  2. What Does Israel Stand to Gain from Attacking Its Own Human Rights Defenders?
  3. Palestinian Politics (Political Organizing, emerging leaders)
  4. Let Our People Know: Practical Pedagogy for Teaching the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
2:00-3:30pm | Speeches

Speakers TBA

3:45-5:00pm | Breakout Sessions
  1. Democracy and Security - Tension Between Civil Rights and the Security State
  2. Role of Non-Jews and Non-Palestinians in US-based Pro-Peace Advocacy
  3. The Post-JCPOA World: US-Iranian Relations and the Repercussions of Extremists at the Helm
  4. Why Civil Resistance Works: The Strategic Logic of Nonviolent Conflict Prevention and Resolution Among Palestinian Leaders (Sid Topol seminar on nonviolent resistance)
  5. How to Build an Effective Congregational Trip to Israel/Palestine
6:30-7:30pm | Gala Reception

(Open to gala ticket holders only)

7:30-9:30pm | J Street National Gala

(Open to gala ticket holders only)

Tuesday, October 29

Capitol Hill

8:30-10:00am | Advocacy Day Kickoff

Hear from members of Congress before heading off for your advocacy day meetings.

9:00am-4:00pm | Advocacy Day Meetings

Reminder: If you'd like to attend advocacy day, you must register by October 11. 

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