Does John McCain support a two-state solution?

September 4, 2008

For the last decade,
the United States has supported resolving the Israeli-Palestinian
conflict through a negotiated agreement leading to two states living
side by side in peace and security.

Does John McCain support the two-state solution? As of this moment, we honestly don’t know.

Not once during this
campaign season have we been able to find John McCain committing to
supporting, let alone promoting, a two-state solution.  For a guy who’s
running for President based on his reputation for straight talk and
foreign policy credentials, the lack of a clear answer to this
straightforward question is even more surprising.

As John McCain
accepts the Republican nomination for President this week, we’re asking
him to clarify his position. Will you help us get a straight answer?

We have good reason
to be concerned about John McCain’s views on Israel. He has actively
pursued the support of those who oppose a two-state solution on the
evangelical right like Pastor John Hagee and notorious right-wing
Jewish financier Sheldon Adelson, who has committed to raising up to
$250,000 for McCain’s campaign. [1]

And it’s not like he
hasn’t had the opportunity to clarify his stance during this long
campaign.  Each time that he could have clarified his stance on the
two-state solution this campaign season, he’s avoided making clear
statement. [2][3][4]

For a candidate who
promotes straight talk and claims foreign policy judgment, the lack of
clarity on an issue of such importance to U.S. interests is troubling.
Does John McCain actually believe in the far right’s vision of
settlement expansion and unending conflict for Israel?  Does he really
believe it’s in Israel’s interests to deny the Palestinian people a
state of their own?

With the media
spotlight on McCain during the Republican National Convention, this is
a perfect opportunity for him to clarify where he stands on the
Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

If enough of us
demand an answer from McCain, he’ll either show his true colors as an
opponent of the two-state solution, or he’ll help us put the
far-right’s anti-two state views where they really belong – out of the
mainstream of American politics.

A two-state solution
provides the framework to secure Israel as a Jewish and democratic
state and to create a viable state for the Palestinian people. It has
been the consensus position of the U.S. Government for the past 10
years and over 70% of American Jews believe it is the best way to
provide real peace and security for Israel and the whole region. [5]

Senator McCain must
clarify his position on a two-state solution. Please take a moment to
send his campaign by clicking the link above.

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