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J StreetLEAD is a group of young professionals and alumni who comprise the next generation of pro-Israel, pro-peace activists and leaders. LEAD stands for Learn, Educate, Advocate and Develop. This program aims to grow support for J Street among young professionals so that we are better positioned to make lasting political and communal change toward a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

What have we done so far?

J StreetLEAD launched in August 2016 with our first national leadership summit in Washington, DC. 25 leaders from New York City, Boston, Chicago, Arizona, Washington DC, Connecticut and more gathered for a day-long workshop discussing the direction of the program and the power of young professionals on our issue.

Since that first event we have established growing chapters in New York, Washington DC, Boston MA, Phoenix AZ and Chicago IL. We are expanding in other cities as well. These chapters work with young professionals, local J Street chapters and J Street staff to organize in larger Jewish and political communities.

How do I get involved?yp-pic

J StreetLEAD is seeking to build chapters across the country. Contact Ruti Kadish at ruti@jstreet.org to be put in touch with local leaders and learn more about opportunities to be involved.

Our National Leadership Cohort meets once a month to discuss organizational priorities and strategic direction. Currently we have 13 members from 7 cities, making this a great way for new leaders to engage with the organization and learn about the work being done across the nation.

J StreetLEAD also has leadership positions for alumni and young professionals specifically interested in our communal and political strategies.

 Community Co-Chairs work closely with J Street staff and leaders to develop JStreetLEAD’s Jewish and progressive communal strategies.

The Finance Committee is a political donor level for young leaders. Members of the J StreetLEAD FC will be deeply engaged in JStreetPAC’s work, including political fundraising and congressional receptions at national gatherings.


Contact Rudi Kadish at ruti@jstreet.org. 

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