Introducing J Street’s 2016 Embed Blogs

Ben Shnider
on November 2, 2016

In 2016, J Street has mobilized an unprecedented array of resources to support our endorsed candidates. We’re on track to blow past our $3 million goal for the 124 pro-Israel, pro-peace, pro-democracy candidates we’re backing in House and Senate races. When the hawks attacked them for their principled, pro-diplomacy stances – as we knew they would – we had our candidates’ backs with op-eds, ads, direct-mail and fundraisers.

In addition to our media blitz and unprecedented fundraising haul, J Street is sending our staff to some of the most critical races across the country to lend their time and incredible talent to the campaigns of JStreetPAC endorsed candidates. They’ll be knocking doors, putting together op-eds and aiding the communications staff in races across the country.

On the trail, our staff will be blogging about their experiences, campaign life and how our issues are coming up in their races. You can read the first of these posts from our very own Ilya Braverman here.

We’re excited to keep you updated with our staff’s work on this last and exciting chapter in J Street’s work in 2016 election, as we continue our work to elect pro-diplomacy candidates in critical races across the country.