J Street’s Ten Year Anniversary Leadership Mission to Israel and the Palestinian Territory

October 11-18, 2018

J Street’s educational travel to Israel and the Palestinian territory explores in-depth the current state of affairs and facts on the ground . . .

About the Mission

The J Street Education Fund is pleased to offer J Street leaders and select supporters the opportunity to join a special Ten Year Anniversary Mission to Israel and the Palestinian Territory. This mission, led by J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami, presents an insider’s 360° view of the current prospects for Israeli-Palestinian peace. An intellectually rigorous itinerary includes meetings with Israeli, Palestinian and international government officials and a range of civil society and opinion leaders. Similar trips have arranged for discussion with President Reuven Rivlin, President Mahmoud Abbas, Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, past and current US Ambassadors Dan Shapiro and David Friedman and leading members of Knesset. Participants will engage in alliance-building with the organizers and activists doing the work on the ground and hear, firsthand, the inspiring stories of young Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

J Street’s educational travel is specifically designed to provide:

  • The broad spectrum of opinions related to the conflict and its resolution as a means to explore the way multiple narratives interrelate to form a complex whole;
  • Insight into the realities of both Israel and Palestinian politics and the challenges and opportunities for moving towards resolution; and
  • Exploration of the role of the United States – both in terms of government policy and in terms of the organized Jewish community – in helping to resolve the conflict and end the occupation.

A seven-day itinerary comprises visits to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the West Bank and other key political and historic sites as well as in-depth policy tours of East Jerusalem, settlements and checkpoints.

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