News Roundup for August 10, 2022

August 10, 2022
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J Street in the News

Norway, EU and the Oslo Accords: Who is the Real Hypocrite?, The Jerusalem Post
Nadav Tamir, Executive Director of J Street Israel, responds to former Foreign Ministry legal advisor Alan Baker’s accusation that European countries funding Palestinian civil society organizations are “supporters of terror.”

Top News and Analysis

Three Palestinians Killed as Israel Launches New Raid Against Suspected Militants in the West Bank, CNN
Three Palestinian men were killed during an Israeli military operation against suspected militants in the occupied West Bank on Tuesday morning, according to information from the Palestinian health ministry. Among the dead is Ibrahim Al-Nabulsi, the apparent target of the Israeli raid. The other men killed have been named by Palestinian health ministry officials as Islam Sabbouh and Hussein Jamal Taha.

Israel-Hamas Understanding Key to Quick End to Gaza Fighting, Al-Monitor
The decision by Hamas, the Islamist movement that rules the Gaza Strip, to sit out Israel’s three-day pounding of Islamic Jihad this past weekend did not come as a surprise. Not to the Israeli military brass in Tel Aviv, not to the politicians and diplomats in Jerusalem, nor to officials in Cairo and Doha. Are Israel and Hamas approaching a “hudna” (Arabic for cease-fire)? Do these two sworn enemies intend to turn their unofficial relationship into a temporary or permanent arrangement?

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Judge Who Approved Trump Search Warrant Attacked for Synagogue Involvement, The Forward
The judge who approved the search on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate was attacked Tuesday for his synagogue involvement. Judge Bruce Reinhart, a former prosecutor who had previously been criticized for representing former employees of Jeffrey Epstein related to his sex-trafficking scandal, appears to be on the board of a South Florida synagogue. Trump loyalists eager to question the legitimacy of the FBI raid seized upon that detail, with Lenny Dykstra, a retired New York Mets legend, questioning the nature of the Reform shul’s Judaism.

Young guard grab top spots in Labor primary; Barlev and Shai seemingly ousted, Times of Israel
Neophyte lawmakers Naama Lazimi, Gilad Kariv, Efrat Rayten, Ram Shefa, and Emilie Moatti at top of roster behind party leader Merav Michaeli

More Than 31,000 Russians and Ukrainians Immigrated to Israel Since War Erupted, Haaretz
Central Bureau of Statistics figures show that since the end of April, aliyah from Russia has outpaced that from Ukraine. In all of 2021, total number of immigrants was below 25,500

Opinion and Analysis

AIPAC’s New Strategy: Spend millions on Elections, Don’t Mention Israel, Responsible Statecraft
Eli Clifton discusses AIPAC’s political strategy in its involvement in Democratic primaries.

Congressional Progressive Caucus Urges Return to Iran Deal, Iran Diplomacy Works
The Congressional Progressive Caucus reiterated its support for restoring the JCPOA, and pointed to recent polling showing more than two-thirds of Americans backing diplomacy.

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