News Roundup for August 2, 2022

August 2, 2022
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J Street works to promote an open, honest and rigorous conversation about Israel. The opinions reflected in articles posted in the News Roundup do not necessarily reflect J Street’s positions, and their posting does not constitute an endorsement from J Street.

J Street in the News

Rep. Meijer Slams Michigan Democrats for Backing Far-Right Opponent in Risky Ad Buy, The Detroit News
“Logan Bayroff, a J Street spokesman, says the impetus for helping Levin was the deceptive tactics by the United Democracy Project. “We think voters deserve to know where all this spending in the district is coming from,” Bayroff tells Metro Times. “They are being bombarded by ads on their TV screen and other places. It is not coming from a group that cares about the priorities and values of Democratic voters. It is quite disingenuous.” Bayroff says Levin’s positions are in no way incongruous with a healthy, prosperous Israel.“ Andy Levin embodies what it means to be a Jewish progressive who cares about Israel and its future and who recognizes that support for a secure and democratic Israel goes hand-and-hand with Palestinian rights,” Bayroff says. “That’s a very mainstream, popular sentiment in the American Jewish community and among Democratic voters.””

Levin, Stevens to Face Off in a Highly Anticipated Democratic Primary Today, The Jerusalem Post
“J Street vice president of communications Logan Bayroff said the organization is “proud to have done all we can in this race to support our friend and ally Rep. Andy Levin, who champions the pro-Israel, pro-peace views and Jewish, democratic values that are shared by the majority of our community. Via the J Street Action Fund, we have spent over $700,000 to help re-elect Rep. Levin. Via JStreet PAC, we contributed over $300,000 directly to Rep. Levin’s campaign.”

Top News and Analysis

Palestinians Say 1 Killed During Israeli Raid in West Bank, AP
At least one Palestinian was killed and another wounded during an Israeli military raid late Monday in the occupied West Bank town of Jenin, the Palestinian Health Ministry said. The military said security forces arrested two suspects and confiscated a handgun, ammunition and cash. It said the troops came under fire when they entered Jenin’s refugee camp and shot back at the gunmen. No security forces were harmed in the operation, it said.

Blinken Presses Israel to Finalize Probe Into Shireen Abu Akleh Killing, Axios
U.S. Secretary of State Tony Blinken pressed Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz in a phone call Saturday to publish the final conclusions of the Israeli military operational investigation into the killing of Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh as soon as possible. The Biden administration is under pressure from Democratic lawmakers to do more on the issue. In a meeting with Blinken last week, Abu Akleh’s family called for a U.S. investigation that “leads to real accountability.”


Israel’s Civil Administration Eases Permits for Palestinians in Exchange for Intel, Haaretz
Former Israeli soldiers told an anti-occupation NGO that the Civil Administration fosters give-and-take relationships with certain Palestinians, dubbed ‘interlocutors.’

Gantz Calls to Pull Women From Guarding Palestinian Security Prisoners, The Jerusalem Post
Defense Minister Benny Gantz has called for the immediate ban of female soldiers guarding Palestinian security prisoners after another woman who served at Gilboa Prison came forward to say she was raped during her military service there.

Eavesdropping Probe Finds Israeli Police Exceeded Authority, The Washington Post
An Israeli government investigation into the use of powerful eavesdropping technology by the police found that they only used it after securing a judicial warrant but that the flood of information exceeded the limits of their authority.

At Atomic Agency Ceremony, Lapid Says Israel’s ‘Other Capabilities’ Keep It Safe, The Times of Israel
Prime Minister Yair Lapid on Monday said that Israel has “other capabilities” to ensure the survival of the Jewish state against all threats, in a thinly veiled reference to Israel’s widely reported stockpile of nuclear weapons.

Opinion and Analysis

This Israeli Forbids Palestinians From Building. He Lives in an Illegal Outpost, +972 Mag
Yuval Abraham reports, “Israeli building inspectors handing out demolition orders in the occupied South Hebron Hills has become a common sight. Spend just a few days under the blazing sun in the area, and you are bound to see a white pickup truck pull up, and an inspector climb out, walk up to the Palestinian owner of a home or shack, and hand them a slip of paper that seals their doom. But what happens if that inspector himself lives in a home that was built illegally according to the very state he represents? Such is the case of Avia Hagar, the Civil Administration inspector who spends his days handing out orders to Palestinians in Masafer Yatta forcing them to stop “ruining” archaeological sites, and who built his home in contravention of the law in the adjacent outpost of Avigayil.”

Two-Way Street for Tisha B’Av 5782 | I Will Not Lose Hope, J Street
David Magazine Malamud writes, “One of the key elements of Tisha B’av is the idea of rejecting Sinat Chinam, baseless hatred of the “other.” It was for this purpose, the sages taught, that the Second Temple of Jerusalem was destroyed. These cities of coexistence (Haifa, Acco, and Jerusalem), where peoples in conflict live together in peace and cooperation, are archetypal of this idea. The willingness of students to volunteer in such communities to help sustain them is representative of Ahavat Chinam, boundless love.”