News Roundup for September 2, 2022

September 2, 2022
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J Street News Roundup

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Top News and Analysis

Iran Nuclear Deal: Us Dismisses Latest Move From Tehran As ‘Not Constructive’, The Guardian
Hopes of a rapid conclusion to negotiations on a revived nuclear deal with Iran have receded after the US quickly rejected the latest Iranian proposal as “not constructive”. Washington’s rapid reaction to the Iranian text, which had been delivered shortly before 3am on Friday Tehran time, directly contradicted Tehran’s claims that its proposals presented “a constructive approach” aimed at “finalising the negotiations”. Only minutes after the Iran proposals were received by the EU and passed on to Washington, the Biden administration gave it a provisional, but abrupt, thumbs down.

Extremist Lawmaker Surges Ahead of Elections in Israel, AP
Israeli lawmaker Itamar Ben-Gvir calls his Arab colleagues “terrorists.” He wants to deport his political opponents, and in his youth, his views were so extreme that the army banned him from compulsory military service. Yet today, the populist lawmaker who was once relegated to the margins of Israeli politics is surging ahead in the polls ahead of November elections. He has received the blessing of former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and is poised to emerge as a major force that could propel the onetime premier back to power.


Palestinians, Right-Wing Israelis Clash Again at Samuel’s Tomb, The Jerusalem Post
Otzma Yehudit head Itamar Ben-Gvir and other right-wing activists clashed with Palestinians at Samuel’s Tomb on Friday a week after a violent clash between Jews and Muslims last week. Israel Police arrived at the scene to keep the peace, telling the right-wing activists that while they would be able to enter the compound with the Israeli flag, they would not be allowed to carry Otzma Yehudit flags and would not be allowed to hold a protest.

Netanyahu Bloc Loses Slim Majority As Far-Right Merger Backfires, Poll Shows, Haaretz
Benjamin Netanyahu’s camp appears to have the lost the narrow majority it was scoring in polls, after the Likud leader brokered an agreement between two far-right factions for a joint run in Israel’s November election. In Thursday’s Channel 13 poll, the Netanyahu-led bloc would reach 59 seats, two short of a majority, in contrast to the 61-seat victory presented in the last survey.

Germany Confirms $28M Settlement With Munich Attack Families, The Washington Post
The German government confirmed Friday that families of 11 Israeli athletes killed by Palestinian militants at the 1972 Munich Olympics will receive a total of 28 million euros (dollars) in compensation. The figure — which includes payments already made — had previously been reported by German and Israeli media but not officially communicated by the government.

Shireen Abu Akleh’s Niece Blasts US Inaction in Pursuit of Justice for Aunt’s Killing, The Times of Israel
Lina Abu Akleh blasts the Biden administration for its refusal to open an independent investigation into the May 11 killing of her aunt Shireen, a Palestinian-American reporter for Al Jazeera. “It’s been almost four months now with no accountability and no action from the US administration,” Lina Abu Akleh says during a press conference organized by the National Press Club in Washington.

Palestinians Urge Washington Not To Block UN Membership Bid, The Jerusalem Post
Palestinian officials are trying to convince the US administration to support their renewed attempt to gain full membership in the United Nations. However, some Palestinians on Thursday ruled out the possibility that the US administration would support the move.

Opinion and Analysis

The EU Is Israel’s Friend. But the Occupation Limits Our Potential, Haaretz
European Union Special Representative for the Middle East Peace Process Sven Koopmans writes, “Through my work as special representative for the Middle East peace process, the EU extends a hand to Israelis, Palestinians, Arab neighbors and international partners to explore these questions separately or, preferably, together. I look forward to a lot more listening and learning, but not to more waiting. Let’s, together, start working.”