Human Security

The interests at stake in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are broader than just physical Security and Borders. The ability and right of people on both sides of the conflict to live their lives to their fullest potential and to have their basic needs met are seriously impacted by the ongoing conflict.

J Street supports efforts that aim to give the people trapped by this conflict a stake in the future, to ensure that their basic needs are met and that the economic and other benefits of conflict resolution are understood. A strategy of investment aimed at advancing human security is the best answer to those who promote divestment.

J Street therefore supports:

  • Increasing funding for people-to-people programs that bring Israelis and Palestinians together at the grassroots level, including efforts to combat violence and incitement, including the establishment of an international fund modeled on that created for Northern Ireland.
  • Promoting the participation of women and civil society at high levels of policymaking and negotiations. Specifically, J Street supports efforts to promote the implementation of UN Res. 1325 regarding the inclusion of women in efforts at conflict resolution and reconciliation.
  • Regional efforts to deal with looming humanitarian crises such as the lack of access to potable water both on the West Bank and in Gaza and to resolve regional water issues in ways that help lay the groundwork for the two-state solution and broader regional cooperation.
  • Joint Israeli-Palestinian initiatives to promote the economic benefits of resolving the conflict, and
  • Improving the quality of life for Palestinians through:
    • Increasing freedom of movement for Palestinians
    • Easing access to work and other kinds of permits, especially those for health and individual workers’ economic activities
    • Enabling economic development in the West Bank (and Gaza), for instance by addressing the lack of 3G coverage
    • Helping and helping ensure that projects such as the new Palestinian city of Rawabi thrive and become a beacon of hope for the future