A Historic Framework for Nuclear Negotiations with Iran

April 2, 2015

J Street welcomes the historic framework for a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action reached in international negotiations on Iran's nuclear program. We applaud the tireless and continuing efforts of Secretary of State John Kerry and the US negotiating team in pursuing a diplomatic resolution that will verifiably prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. Such an agreement will be in the essential interests of the United States, its allies in the region–including Israel–and the world.

As President Barack Obama outlined shortly after the framework was announced, it is essential that the final months of negotiations result in an agreement that cuts off each of Iran's potential pathways to acquiring the fissile material necessary for a nuclear weapon. That agreement must also put in place intrusive inspections and verification methods to ensure that Iran complies with its obligations. We look forward to evaluating the final terms of such an agreement upon or before the June 30, 2015 end of the negotiating period.

With the critical details of a comprehensive agreement yet to be worked out, it is more important than ever that Congress not take actions that will undermine America's negotiators at the table. There must also be no question that, if a final agreement ultimately cannot be reached, the United States is not to blame. We therefore continue to oppose new sanctions legislation currently before the Senate, and remain committed to working with Senators and Members of Congress toward legislation that provides for robust and responsible Congressional oversight of Iranian compliance with any agreement reached.