Decision to End DACA is Cruel and Destructive – Congress Must Protect Dreamers

September 5, 2017

J Street condemns President Trump’s cruel and destructive decision to end the DACA program and throw the future of over 800,000 undocumented immigrants into chaos.

The United States has always been a nation of immigrants, and the Dreamers represent some of the greatest immigration success stories in our country today. They were brought here as children and know no other home than the United States.  They have worked hard to build lives for themselves and their families, making our country a better and more prosperous place in the process. They deserve to continue to live, work and thrive here – and to have the threat of being cast out of their home permanently lifted.

It is absolutely clear that this decision by the Trump administration is not based on legal or economic concerns. Indeed, this administration to date has shown little respect for the rule of law or the basic principles of our democracy. The decision is, pure and simple, just the latest in a series of punitive acts designed to cater to the fears and hatreds of an extreme minority of Americans.

J Street is a pro-Israel, pro-peace advocacy organization. Our work is informed in all aspects by our Jewish and American values, and that is why – in this troubling political environment – we will add our voices to the fight for the Dreamers and for the millions of immigrants and other vulnerable minorities who face threats from the Trump administration. We will do everything we can to support the incredible efforts of the organizations on the frontlines of this fight, both in the Jewish community and beyond. Over the vital weeks ahead, we will use our advocacy tools to urge Congress to take action to uphold DACA and defend the Dreamers.

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