Demolitions in Susya Would Endanger Prospects for Two States

November 27, 2017

J Street is deeply concerned by news that the Israeli government plans to proceed with the partial demolition of Susya, a Palestinian village in the West Bank. We call on them to reverse this decision, which, if enforced, would further endanger the prospects for a two-state solution and put Israel’s Jewish and democratic future at risk.

The Israeli authorities announced plans last week to demolish roughly 20 of 100 structures in the community, including its medical clinic. Susya has already been demolished in its entirety numerous times in the past, and its residents are rightly concerned that without a serious Israeli commitment to protecting their community, they remain under further threat.

These demolitions, which would leave dozens of residents homeless, are just the latest move advancing a dangerous agenda of “creeping annexation” in the West Bank — a process by which the Israeli government displaces and demolishes Palestinian communities to make way for further settlement expansion and entrench the occupation. Creeping annexation severely undermines the prospects for a two-state solution, jeopardizing Israel’s future as a democratic homeland for the Jewish people.

While the government’s announcement notes that only parts of Susya will be demolished, this step could open the door for future demolitions and evictions, both in Susya and other vulnerable Palestinian communities.

J Street is committed to standing against these demolitions and evictions, which run counter to our fundamental values and our commitment to Israel’s future. This month, J Street and J Street U launched our “Stop Demolitions, Build Peace” campaign, which aims to rally our communities and US political leaders to help protect at-risk villages from precisely this kind of action. Through the campaign, J Street U is partnering with six vulnerable communities, including Susya. We implore all those committed to a two-state solution and concerned about the rights of Palestinians to join us.

Take action

Tell the State Department to act now to stop the partial demolition of Susya and the evacuation of Jabal al Baba.

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