It’s Our Time To Lead

November 30, 2012

Palestine is now a non-member observer state at the United Nations, thanks to a 138-9 vote in the General Assembly.

The vote was notable both for the size of the margin and the list of countries voting yes – including France – and abstaining, including Germany and Great Britain.

Now it’s the day after – and the answer to the conflict remains the same as the day before: an agreed-upon two-state solution that preserves Israel’s security, democracy and Jewish character, while ensuring the Palestinian people freedom, dignity and independence.

Particularly in light of the recent violence in Gaza, the looming election in Israel and the just-concluded campaign here, the urgency around achieving a two-state solution diplomatically has never been greater.

This conflict will not end peacefully without active, bold leadership from the United States and constructive steps from all interested parties.

So J Street is launching a new effort, called “Our Time to Lead” – a campaign to press the Obama administration and Congress to take productive steps that move us in the right direction.

From now through our national conference (September 28 – October 1), we’ll be organizing at the national and local level – urging the President to take the diplomatic lead with a bold initiative, pressing Congress not to take counterproductive actions and urging community leaders to join the call to end the conflict now before it’s too late to save the two-state solution.

We hope you will join our campaign. Click here if you’re willing to be part of this important effort in the year to come.

In the coming days, weeks, and months we’ll be rolling out actions to the President; to a new Secretary of State; to the House of Representatives and the Senate; and to the American Jewish community and other friends of Israel, urging them to join us in this endeavor. Check out our resource page to see our calls to action.

We’ll be organizing in our communities, on our campuses, lobbying in Washington and engaging in the media.

And we need your help.

Sign up to be a part of Our Time To Lead.

If you join us in this effort, we’ll be in touch next week with next steps, and different ways you can get involved.

We look forward to working with you on this important campaign.

Thank you,
The J Street Team