J Street Applauds Brave Iranian Protesters, Condemns Brutal Regime Crackdown

September 28, 2022

J Street condemns the Iranian government’s violence against the Iranian people, as authorities continue to brutally suppress peaceful protests following the death of Mahsa Amini in the custody of Iran’s notorious morality police. We applaud the bravery of ordinary Iranians — and Iranian women in particular — who are risking everything to stand up for their fundamental rights.

Iranian security forces’ killing of dozens of civilians and other acts of brutality against protestors represent outrageous violations of human rights by a regime with a long, atrocious record of such crimes against its own people. We welcome the Biden administration’s condemnation of the Iranian government’s crackdown and its move to impose additional sanctions on Iranian officials involved in such repression.

The brave, inspiring protests affirm that the Iranian people strive for the same freedom, stability and opportunity as people throughout the region and around the world. They deserve our support, sympathy and solidarity – and don’t deserve to suffer terrible hardships caused by the destructive actions of their government. We will continue to advocate for US policies that promote a safe, prosperous future for the Iranian people – and for all others in the region who are threatened by the actions of the Iranian regime and by the prospect of further escalation and conflict.

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