J Street Commends Biden Administration’s Unequivocal Opposition to “Legalization” of Homesh and Similar Outposts

January 5, 2023

J Street is grateful for the Biden Administration’s firm and unfortunately necessary public reminder that the United States unequivocally opposes the new Israeli government’s so-called “legalization” of settlement outposts like Homesh in the West Bank. We commend the State Department for its clear and unambiguous reiteration of historically bipartisan US policy against such unilateral moves, which undermine American and Israeli shared interests, as well as Palestinian rights.

Built in occupied territory on private Palestinian land, the establishment and continued existence of an outpost in Homesh violate both international and Israeli law. In State Department Spokesman Ned Price’s words, “The Homesh outpost in the West Bank is illegal. It is illegal even under Israeli law.”

Attempting to legalize Homesh and other outposts is just the latest sign that the new Israeli government and the settlement movement driving it see themselves as above the law. As pro-Israel Americans, we are deeply concerned by the damage such moves do to Israel’s security, international standing and democratic character. We will continue to urge the US government to do all it can to condemn and oppose settlement expansion – and to strengthen the hand of Israeli leaders who are responsible and courageous enough to stand up to the disastrous agenda of the far-right in Israel.