J Street Concerned by Trump Administration’s Proposed Cuts to State Department Personnel

April 28, 2017

J Street is deeply concerned by reports this week that the Trump administration plans to cut 2300 State Department jobs as part of President Trump’s pledge to reduce government spending. The cuts would reduce the State Department’s workforce by 9 percent.

Slashing State Department personnel – especially as tumult continues to engulf the Middle East and much of the world – is reckless and irresponsible. The Trump administration’s pledge to impoverish US diplomacy, while simultaneously building up the military, raises serious doubts about their approach to America’s global leadership.

Diplomacy is an indispensable tool in America’s global leadership toolbox. The United States should be seeking opportunities to expand its diplomatic arsenal, not slashing it. As the success of the Iran nuclear agreement demonstrated, diplomacy is the best option for addressing many of the threats posed to the United States. If they are serious about ensuring America’s national security and promoting effective US leadership in the world, the Trump administration should walk back this ill-conceived plan.

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